This Is Why You Get the Drunk Munchies


We’ve all been there. After one (or a few) too many, you just want to eat. 

Then, to combat your hunger, you eat an entire pizza. 

There’s now a scientific explanation for this not-so-uncommon occurence. According to ScienceAlert, a new study published by Indiana University revealed that people are prone to eating more when they’re drunk. That may be a big ‘duh’, but now we know why. Alcohol simulates the hypothalamus—the part in the brain that regulates thirst and hunger—and makes it more receptive to food aromas. Consequently, with an increased responsiveness to savory smells, a drunk person in the same environment as a sober one will naturally consume more food.

There’s probably not much you can do to avoid the smell of that pizza your buddy ordered or the burgers just thrown on the grill. Work off the food—and the booze—the next day, with this tailor-made workout routine.  

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