Wolverine’s Cameo Revealed in Newest ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Trailer


The claws are out.

The newest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer dropped on Monday, showing off some of the major destruction that Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) will have to deal with. But it also revealed a major surprise: Hugh Jackman’s fan favorite, Wolverine, will be in the film.

Fans have been speculating for months that the adamantium-clawed mutant would appear in the film, but director Bryan Singer remained tight-lipped about the situation—until now. 

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Jackman doesn’t get a chance to show off his bulging chest or massive biceps in the trailer—unlike the ultra-ripped Matt Damon for the new Jason Bourne film—but he does get a spotlight at the end. In fact, since we don’t see anything but his iconic claws and a bit of forearm, we can’t even be sure it’s Jackman at all—but given that he tweeted the end clip of the trailer, we’re pretty sure it’s him.

Wolverine’s appearance in the trailer comes as a teaser at the end after the title is shown. The camera glides over a hallway littered with armed soldiers scattered all over the floor of a military base before Mystique meets up with Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and Jean Grey (Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner).

“You’ve been busy,” Mystique says. Cyclops responds: “We had, uh, a little help.”

X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and Oscar Isaac as the titular villain, opens May 27.

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