Workout Finisher: the 20 Rep Interval Challenge

20 rep main

If you’re strugging to shed off your last extra pounds or want to cut off some extra bodyfat, try adding this fast paced, high intensity interval routine to the end of your workout. Beware, the protocol might look simple, but we promise, it will beat you up and trim you down.


a) Increase your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours AFTER training.

b) Burn more calories (and fat) in less time.

c) Avoid raised cortisol levels that can come with long cardio done after a workout.

HIIT Metabolic Finisher

1. High Knee Stationary Sprint (20 seconds)

Rest 20 seconds

2. Heavy Bag Punches (20 reps per arm)

Rest 20 seconds

3. *Bench Toe Touches (20 reps each leg)

Rest 20 seconds – gloves off

4. Plyometric Push-ups (20 reps)

Rest 20 seconds

Repeat for 2-3 Sets

*Like a step up, place one foot on a bench and the other on the ground. Instead of using the elevated leg to propel up in a jumping motion, simply switch the position of your legs. Repeat this movement as fast as possible, touching each toe to the bench, alternating as fast as possible.


a) Keep your gloves on throughout the set. Don’t waste time taking them on and off. Only take them off on the last set so you can perform the ploy push-ups.

b) Go as fast as possible. You want to spike your heart rate as much as possible. As it drops back down to your resting heart rate, you’re going to burn a ton of fat.

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