Workout Finisher: Blown Out Back

Blown out back_rotator

Variation for rep, set, and tempo is important in training any muscle, the back is no different. With the back, a focus on form and tempo is as important as lifting heavy weights. Here’s a way to fry any muscle fibers left in the lats. The following finishers are to be done in a controlled cadence. ‘Pinch’ and hold for 1-2 seconds at the top of each lift. Also, use a lighter weight than you would normally in order to focus on proper form and tempo.

Back Finisher

Seated Row – Drop Set Goal: Every 5 reps you should be maxing out. 5 reps Drop by 10% 5 reps Drop by 10% 5 reps Drop by 10% 5 reps Drop by 10% 5 reps Drop by 10% Tips: >> Complete a full range of motion, pausing for a 1-2 second count at the top. >> Alternate grips every time you do this finisher. Use a T-Bar, a wide grip, and even a close supinated grip. >> You can use the exact set-up for a lat pulldown to finish a brutal back workout.

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