Workout Finisher: Full Body Flush

Main inverted row

Scared to leave the gym with a bit more gas left in the tank? The full body flush is the ultimate finisher to boost your metabolism and fully deplete each muscle at the end of any workout. The movements are simple, but both the intensity and reps completed will be high.

The Full Body Flush Routine

Perform each of the following exercises in consecutive order.
Each exercise is to be done for 25+ reps or until failure with proper form.

A1. Inverted Row
A2. Push-ups
A3. Single Leg Step-up (perform one leg at a time)
A4. Burpees


a) When choosing weight, let the rep count dictate which weight you use. You want to be hitting that rep count or failing relatively close before.
b) Perform a full push-up in each burpee.
c) When doing the step-ups make sure that you’re driving your bodyweight through your heel, not your toe. This will place for stress on the glutes and less on the knee.

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