Workout Finisher: Hanging Ab Circuit

Workout Finisher: Hanging Ab Circuit

Your diet is on-point, but you know that your abs could have a few more extra rips and cuts—after all, summer is just around the corner.

Next time you finish up your favorite routine, it’s time to head over to the nearest pull-up bar and prepare yourself for a highly effective hanging ab finisher.

WARNING: This routine can make you nauseous, and it will work your grip strength as much as your abs. So man up and don’t use any straps for assistance.


The Extreme Hanging Ab Finisher

>> Perform each of the following exercises in consecutive order.

>> Don’t rest or release your grip until the final set has been completed.


A1. Hanging leg raise perform to failure

A2. Hanging trunk rotation perform to failure

A3. Hanging oblique knee raise perform to failure


How To Tips:

a) Hanging leg raise: Start the exercise in a half pull up. Raise your legs to above your head keeping your core tight and legs straight.

b) Hanging trunk rotation: Bring your trunk so it’s parallel to the ground as you hang from the chin-up bar. Your legs are parallel to the wall in front of you, perpendicular to the floor. Keep them straight. Lowering them to the right so they’re parallel to the ground. Then to the left. This is one rep.

c) Hanging oblique knee raise: Raise your knee’s and hips to the left, squeezing your right oblique as you do so. Bring your legs back down, then do the same with the right, flexing your left oblique. This is one repetition.

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