Workout Finisher: High Rep Chest Pump

Chest finisher_rotator

The chest or pec muscles are a large group that can take on a hefty beating from a workout, but adding a workout finisher will ensure you’ve stimulated every muscle fiber possible. For these particular finishers, an extreme change in reps will burn out the muscles to maximize new growth. Add one (or both) of these finishers to the end of a workout. Listen to your body and don’t over do it. Add these finishers a maximum of 2-3 times per week.

Finisher One – Mechanical Drop Sets

Instead of dropping the weight, we’re going to change the angle of the exercise. You can use this set as a vital part of your training, but also as a finisher by increasing the rep count and lowering the weight.

A1. Inclined bench press

20 reps


A2. Flat bench press

20 reps


A3. Declined bench press

20 reps



A. Use the same weight throughout the different angles. B. You can also do this with push-ups. Feet elevated, flat and inclined push-ups (hands on a bench). C. Keep the tension constant. No pausing at the top of bottom of the exercise.

Finisher Two – Machine Pec Flyes

1 set of 30-50 reps


A. Unlike other finishers where speed is okay, we’re going to want to keep a slow, controlled cadence. If we start to swing and rely completely on momentum, the effectiveness of the exercise is lost. B. For extra tension, squeeze at the apex of the exercise and hold for 1 second.

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