Workout Finisher: Metabolic Cardio Mix-Up


Finishing off your workout is one of the most important parts of your time in the gym.

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Let’s face it: Most guys finish their workout routines with a few sets of curls or hanging ab raises and call it a day. You see them sitting around chatting with their buddies, trying to convince themselves of the deep burn they’ve just accomplished.

Ignore them. You have better things to do—like this metabolically spiking workout finisher.

A cardio intensive way to wrap up your daily sweat session, this short routine will kick your calorie burn into high gear during and after your workout, thanks for the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) phenomenon. Basically, it takes energy to return your body to its pre-workout state, thus increasing your metabolism for hours after your workout. The result? A bigger, fitter, stronger you.

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The metabolic cardio mix-up incorporates sprints with body weight exercises for 10-minutes of hell fun. Perform the circuit below as many times in a row in 10-minutes. Perform twice a week with the aim of getting more work done in the 10-minute time frame.

Set up a treadmill at a level 5.0 incline and at a speed you can maintain for 15-seconds. Leave the treadmill on during the entire finisher (use the handrails to jump on and off).

Get a TRX ready on a pull up bar for suspension pushups, grab a 5kg slam ball and a skipping rope.

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1) 15-second treadmill hill sprint (incline level 5.0)

2) 15 suspension pushups

3) 10 split lunge jumps per side (perform alternating)

4) 5 pull-ups

5) 15-second treadmill hill sprint

6) 50 hops skipping rope

7) 5 tuck jumps

8) 15 suspension mountain climbers per side

9) 20 jumping jacks

10) 10 overhead medicine ball slams

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