Workout Finisher: Quad Killers

Workout Finisher: Quad Killers

Your legs are a big, powerful muscle group that can impact things including sports performance, endurance and even affect growth in other areas aside from the legs. Even if you’ve got one of the most bad-ass leg workouts known to man, there’s no harm in giving them a good finisher. If you’re looking to polish off those quads right, give this drop set a shot. You’re getting your heavy lifting in, your time under tension, and you’re completely burning out the muscle.

Exercise – Leg Press

Finisher Method – Drop Set Goal: Max out at 5 reps for each continuous set. >> Perform 5 reps Drop by 10% >> Perform 5 reps Drop by 10% >> Perform 5 reps Drop by 10% >> Perform 5 reps Drop by 10% >> Perform 5 reps Drop by 10%

Finisher Tips

a) The trick is in dropping the right amount of weight. Too much dropped and you lose the effectiveness of the workout, too little and you’re not going to be able to complete the rep count. b) Don’t drop complete plates. Load the leg press up with a couple 45 lbs plates, then 25 pound plates so the increments are smaller. c) If you drop too much weight, slow the exercise down and make it harder. Go slower on the eccentric AND concentric phases and try to max out at 5 reps. d) Drop the weight continuously. Don’t rack the weight after each 5 reps max.

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