Workout Finisher: Single Plate Complex

Lose weight with a single plate rotator

Complexes don’t have to be limited to barbells and dumbbells. Another common piece of equipment but uncommonly used for a complex is a plate. It completely changes the dynamics of the exercises and places a greater demand on your core, depending on the exercise performed. Plus, since most people haven’t seen plate complexes before, you’re going to look super innovative.

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> Grab a 45lb plate. Perform all the exercises in sequence and complete all the reps before placing the dumbbells down.

> Perform 3-5 sets at the end of your workout. Do 8-10 reps per exercise and take 60-90-sec rest between sets.


1. Plate Swings 
2. Bent Over Plate Rows
3. Reverse Lunge with Plate Twist (4-5/side)
4. Plate Curl to Overhead Plate Press
5. Overhead Plate Squat
6. Low to High Diagonal Plate Chop (4-5/side)


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