Workout Finisher: the Shoulder Burn Out


Finishers are a great way to hit any remaining muscle fibers left intact from your “real” workout and can help develop a muscle group that’s lagging behind. If you’ve just finished up a great shoulder workout, but still have some gas in the tank, give one of these three finishers a go. When to do them: At the end of a workout. Benefits: Offer a complete change in rep count and tempo from other exercises you’ll be doing. Warning: Don’t do them after every workout. Over a 3-week period, focus on one muscle group, adding a finisher like this to your workout 1/2 to 3/4’s of the days you’re training. Set-up: Each shoulder finisher is a set in its own to be done at a light weight in order to burn out the muscle—with one exception: the drop set.

Finisher 1

Lateral Raise Reps: 1 set of 50-100 Tempo: Fast on both the concentric and eccentric contractions. * Bring the weight above shoulder height on each rep. If you fail, drop the weight for a couple seconds, then continue on.

Finisher 2

Drop Sets (Arny’s) Reps: 5 sets of 5 with no rest. Choose your max weight for Arny’s. Decrease that weight by 10-15% 4 times. Line each dumbbell up close so you can access them easily. * The goal is to max out 5 consecutive times, performing a total of 25 reps. Every time you hit 5 reps, drop the weight, and pick up the next heaviest (10-15% lighter).

Finisher 3

Reverse Pec Deck Flys Reps: 50 Tempo: Perform this exercise as fast as possible while maintaining good form. * It’s a great exercise for posterior deltoid development.

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