Workout Finisher: Warrior Conditioning

Warrior workout rotator

Whether you’re a combat sport athlete, have future aspirations to be one, or just want to be conditioned like one, you’ve got to find a balance of endurance and power. The following finisher can be added to the end of any workout routine to help build both attributes. 


> Med ball slam
> Med ball pushup (alternating)
> Plyometric chinup
> Box jump


> Perform each of the following exercises in consecutive order.
> Each exercise is to be done for 15 reps or failure (whichever comes first).
> Repeat the circuit for 2 sets.


> Perform each exercise and fast as possible.
> Plyometric chinup: Perform a normal chinup, but as you’re coming up, bring your knees up as well. At the top of the exercise, “jump,” releasing your hands from the chinup bar, grabbing hold again as you descend.
> You can replace med ball slams with sledgehammer slams if you have the right equipment.
> Box jump: Start by standing atop a 15-inch (or higher) bench. Drop down, then jump back up atop the bench, spending as little time in contact with the ground as possible.


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