The Workout of the Future Is Here

The Workout of the Future Is Here

No longer do you have to hack your hectic schedule to make it to a class, fight the after-work fitness crowds at exorbitantly pricey gyms, or—sorry—get to brush off a workout because “the highway’s iced up.”

Now there’s live-streaming fitness, being called the “workout of the future” for its irresistible mashup of in-gym classes, virtual-reality fun, and cash-saving economics. Live streaming lets you choose when, where, and which instructor-led classes to take by watching on your smart TV, computer, tablet, or phone—it’s like having a gym in your living room, pocket, or travel bag. And best of all, most services start at around $10 a month.

Check out DailyBurn, one of the granddaddies of online fitness, which started its streaming service in 2011. Crunch also has a streamer with CrunchLive, and upstart Live Streaming Fitness features a variety of classes streaming all day.

And if you’re addicted to spinning but find it hard to make (or afford) the classes or just hate fighting a sweaty crowd to get to your favorite bike, Peloton has created a top-notch indoor cycling-studio experience that’s available both in-house and in your house. It’s a bit pricier than your average streaming class—you have to pony up $1,995 for your own carbon-steel and aluminum spin bike with a 21-inch HD touchscreen (which, of course, is yours forever) plus a $39/month fee. But for that you get an amazingly immersive experience, with top indoor-cycling coaches and access to more than 10 live rides a day, during which your stats are shared right in the studio in NYC so you can compete in real time with riders across the country—some of whom have actually raced in the Tour de France.

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