The World of Wahlberg

The World of Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a man who doesn’t settle. That’s precisely why he can say he’s had a successful career in rapping, modeling and acting. In fact, the star’s name has been in the spotlight for more than two decades now and he shows no signs of slowing down. Here, we take a look at the time line of acting roles that have come to define the August 2010 Men’s Fitness cover star.

Renaissance Man, 1994
Role: Pvt. Tommy Lee Haywood


The Basketball Diaries, 1995
Role: Mickey


Fear, 1996
Role: David McCall


Traveller, 1997
Role: Pat O’Hara


Boogie Nights , 1997
Role: Eddie Adams – Dirk Diggler


The Big Hit , 1998
Role: Melvin Smiley


The Corruptor, 1999
Role: Danny Wallace


Three Kings, 1999
Role: Troy Barlow


The Yards , 2000
Role: Leo Handler


The Perfect Storm , 2000
Role: Bobby Shatford


Planet of the Apes , 2001
Role: Captain Leo Davidson


Rock Star , 2001
Role: Chris ‘Izzy’ Cole

The Truth About Charlie, 2002
Role: Lewis Bartholamew


The Italian Job , 2003
Role: Charlie Croker


I Heart Huckabees , 2004
Role: Tommy Corn


Four Brothers , 2005
Role: Bobby Mercer


Invincible, 2006
Role: Vince Papale


The Departed , 2006
Role: Staff Sgt. Dignam


Shooter , 2007
Role: Bob Lee Swagger


We Own the Night , 2007
Role: Joseph Grusinsky


The Happening , 2008
Role: Elliot Moore


Max Payne , 2008
Role: Max Payne


The Lovely Bones, 2009
Role: Jack Salmon


Date Night , 2010
Role: Holbrooke


The Other Guys , 2010
Role: Detective Terry Hoitz


The Fighter , (release date: 12/10/2010)
Role: ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward


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