World’s Greatest Stretch for Athletes

World’s Greatest Stretch for Athletes

Stretching is an integral part of preparing for action. Without loosening up, your performance is hindered and you increase the likelihood of injury. But there’s no reason to do the same stretching routine you were taught in middle school P.E. Yoga has a variety of moves that help lengthen the body and relax the muscles.

Our partners at have shared this video of one NFL draft class performing what they have labeled as the world’s greatest stretch. Better known in yoga as the triangle pose, this stance opens up the upper body and increases flexibility.

World Greatest Stretch:

  • Begin in 40-yard dash stance
  • Keep front hip, knee and ankle aligned
  • Rotate torso and lift arm to sky
  • Focus on maintaining balance
  • Keep back leg as straight as possible by firing quad and glute
  • Do 3 to 6 reps on each side

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