Would You Drink A Burt’s Bees Protein Shake?


Burt’s Bees, a name you'd most readily associate with all-natural lip balms and lotions, is now branching into protein powders. The brand just launched three new formulas: Daily Protein, Gut Heath, and Healthy Radiance — and by our measure, they're already a clear standout in this crowded category.

Each formula delivers 15 grams of protein from a rainbow of plant sources, including pea, rice, flaxseed, sunflower seed, and oat. This multi-prong protein approach is key because it provides a full suite of essential amino acids for muscle-building and recovery, whereas single-source plant proteins do not. That drawback is why many protein enthusiasts often prefer the more complete whey, casein, and other animal-sourced proteins over plant versions.

To be clear, this product is not built for musclebound weightlifters. "If you’re looking for 30 grams of protein in a single serving, Burt’s Bees is not that,” admits John Feeney, marketing manager at Burt’s Bees. “But the plant-based protein category is expanding, and we hope to pull in new people who want to increase their protein intake, reduce sugar, and follow an overall more holistic diet.” These proteins are clearly aimed at the crunchy crowd, to good effect. The dairy- and gluten-free formulas, for instance, also contain 70 percent organic ingredients and no synthetic flavors, colors, sweeteners, or other unnecessary fillers.

By doing so, Burt’s Bees is offering up a protein powder for everyday use, even for those of us who aren't partaking in high-intensity exercise. “Unlike some brands, we’re not saying this product is only intended as a breakfast replacement or it should be consumed 35 minutes post-workout,” Feeney says. “It’s a flexible option. Since some people are more interested in gut health, we have an offering with probiotics. And we have one with nutrients to promote skin health. But that’s as specific as we get.”

As for the taste? Along with Burt’s Bees’ impressive formulation, these powders earn points for taste too. They’re slightly sweet, smooth, and not chalky. Good for a smoothie — whether it’s legs day or you’re just looking for an easy breakfast to chug before work.

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