WWE Stars Salute U.S. Military at “Tribute to the Troops”

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) with servicemen at WWE Tribute to the Troops.

WWE Superstars and Divas traveled to three U.S. military bases in Florida and Georgia on Tuesday—and then put some muscle behind their talk with a special performance for military personnel and their families.

Their trip was all part of the WWE’s thirteenth annual “Tribute to the Troops,” a special opportunity for some of WWE’s biggest talents to meet members of the American armed forces.

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“You hear about these heroes—these servicemen and [servicewomen]—and all the things they do to serve us and protect us, but to be able to put a face with that name…and look them in the eyes and say thank you, we don’t get enough opportunities like that,” said WWE Superstar Roman Reigns.

The wrestlers met with military personnel and their families at three bases: Jacksonville Naval Air Station, a major air and industrial base home to 20,000 military and civilian personnel; Naval Station Mayport, also in Jacksonville, which houses 11,000 personnel and major naval and helicopter forces; and nearby Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, in Georgia, the 9,000-person-strong home port of the powerful Atlantic Ohio-class nuclear submarine fleet.

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“The Superstars and Divas already respect the military,” said Jeremy Vaughn, a helicopter squadron officer. “We obviously respect what they do in the ring. That’s why we don’t have that job.”

Tribute to the Troops is set to air on USA Network as part of WWE Week on Wednesday, December 23 from 8-10 PM ET with special guests actor and comedian Howie Mandel and Grammy-winning rock band Train.

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