Yeah, Joe Jonas Looks Pretty Damn Shredded These Days

Yeah, Joe Jonas Looks Pretty Damn Shredded These Days

Back in our December 2016 issue, we showcased how Nick Jonas went from a teen idol pop star to playing an MMA fighter on Kingdom (while also being, y’know, a teen idol and pop star).

It looks like his older brother Joe started taking his advice.

That’s right: Joe Jonas has utterly transformed from skinny boy band member to a guy who could easily become fitness model—or maybe an underwear model, which is exactly why he got ripped in the first place. (Jonas modeled for Guess.)

A new photo on Instagram showcases the elder Jonas’ hard work in the gym, just before he takes to the ring in Unbreakable Performance Center, an elite LA gym run by NFL football analyst Jay Glazer and Brian Urlacher that caters to stars and elite athletes. And sure, while the average, uh, joe might not be able to afford the steep membership fees (an unlimited pass costs $2,000 a month), you can still nab a transformation of your own—check out the skinny guy’s workout plan to gain muscle and the 13 most basic rules of clean bulking.

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