Yoke Workout 1

Workout 1

SETS: 3 REPS: 5/3/1

1B) Chinup
SETS: 3 REPS: 5-10

2A) Dip
SETS: 5 REPS: 10

2B) T.Bar Row/Dumbbell Row
SETS: 5 REPS: 10

3) Neck Extension W/Harness
SETS: 3 REPS: 20

Attach weight plates to the neck harness and sit on a bench with your head bent forward so your chin nearly touches your chest. Steady the harness with your hands and extend your neck. Use a light weight and get a full range of motion. If your gym doesn’t have a neck harness, you can buy one at elitefts.com.

Apply 5/3/1 Method for Added Strength

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