You Officially Have No Excuses on Leg Day After What This Guy Did

Brian Froggatt Squats 72.5 kg

Brian’s 72.5kg squat at the Classic Cup.


Posted by Brian Froggatt on Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Not every guy enjoys squatting. But if you thought you could get away with skipping squats just because they’re tough, think again.

Meet Brian Froggatt, a powerlifter from New Zealand who can squat 72.5 kg (160 pounds) with only one leg. That’s pretty much a 320-pound squat for the rest of us—and arguably more, considering the incredible stability and core strength Froggatt needs to balance a barbell across his back while supporting himself with one leg.

But even more inspiring than his movement of the weight is that he carries out his lifts like every other competitor. He doesn’t ask for help unracking the bar and getting settled, and he actually hops in and out of position. We wouldn’t want to think about hopping 320 pounds out of the rack under any circumstances.

The takeaway: Unless you’re injured or dead, stop complaining about how squats don’t feel good for you. Yes, they’re challenging. That’s the point.

Plus, if Froggatt can hit proper depth, so can you.

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