Your 3-step Plan to Run a 6-minute Mile

Your 3-step Plan to Run a 6-minute Mile

Every guy wants to feel like Prefontaine, blazing through the final lap to stop the clock at under six minutes. Here’s how:

1) Head for the Hills

Hill repeats are a great way to develop explosive leg strength and the endurance you need to redline it for a mile. Find a steep, 100-meter-long hill, sprint up it, and jog back down. Repeat six to 10 times. 

2) Intervals 

The best way to train speed is intervals. Head to a local track for sprint intervals– 12x200m, 10x400m, 8x600m are good options–and break them up with 200–to 400m of slow jogging. 

3) Leg Lifts 

Strengthen your quads, calves, hips, and butt to get faster and make your body more resilient against the pounding of fast running.