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Spot Pet Insurance
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When we get sick or injured, our first instinct is to get medical attention so we can heal as quickly as possible. We go to the dentist when we feel a cavity coming on, and we take preventative measures like getting tests or vaccinations so we don’t get sick in the future.

Since our personal health insurance can help us save costs on treatments and procedures, it should come as no surprise that pet insurance is similar.

With the price of vet bills increasing by the minute, a trip to the doctor for your furry friend can become quite expensive. Those costs can keep you from getting your pet the help they need when emergencies happen. Thankfully, Spot Pet Insurance provides customizable pet insurance plans that help get your pet the care they need for accidents and illnesses — with less worry about breaking the bank.

With an easy to navigate website that helps guide you in the right direction for pet care, Spot makes pet insurance easy for you and your furry friend.

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Pawsome Plans That Help Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Out of pocket costs for a veterinarian can be expensive — like, really expensive. Pet insurance is a great way to help pet parents afford care in case their pet gets hurt or sick.

Out of pocket costs can stack up. By getting pet insurance, you have help getting care for your pet.

With plans provided by Spot, you can build your plan depending on what you want to pay, and you can create a plan that helps put your mind at ease when it comes to your pet’s health.

It’s easy to love Spot because Spot helps make caring for your beloved pets easy.

Spot Pet Insurance
Spot Pet Insurance

A Website That Helps You Feel Prepared

Spot has an owner-friendly website with tools to help make your trip to the vet as easy as possible. You can compare Spot with other pet insurance providers to make the right decision for you and your pet.

By feeling prepared during your visit, we can help give our pets our full attention and help them live happier, healthier lives. Our pets shouldn’t have to worry about feeling sick for long periods of time without getting treatment. Pet insurance helps us have a plan if your furry BFF gets sick or an accident happens.

Spot’s accessible website makes it easy to submit claims. They also have a blog with useful tips and tricks for how pet parents can improve our furry friends’ lifestyles so that they can be as happy as possible. Spot was created to emphasize the importance of caring for your pet, and proper preparation for your pet’s healthcare is a major way you can show your little buddies how much you love them.

An Easy Way to Make Pet Care Work for You

Every day, the price of taking care of a pet rises, which can become intimidating as an added living expense for us humans. Don’t cut corners if you don’t have to — pet insurance can be super beneficial for our bank accounts.

According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 183.9 million dogs and cats in the US belong to pet parents, but only 2.43 million are insured by their pet owners.

Spot Pet Insurance provides customizable, buildable plan options to help you plan for expensive vet bills for your pet’s accidents and illnesses.

Spot offers two plan options: Accidents Only and Accidents and Illnesses Plan. You can also decide your deductible rate, your reimbursement rate, and more.

Spot helps take the stress off of helping your pet stay healthy.

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Why We Love Spot and Think You Will Too

Spot is a pet insurance provider with a more customized approach to pet insurance, founded by people who love animals and wanted to make it easier for other pet parents to get their pets help. While tons of people in the United States don’t have pet insurance for their fur babies, insurance might be able to help them financially — and help their pets live healthier lives.

Spot is here to help educate owners on why pet insurance is so important because your pets deserve some TLC.

Spot Pet Insurance’s ultimate goal is to make pet insurance an easy and pleasant experience for pet parents, so we can easily take care of our pets and worry less about costs.

By offering customizable plans, Spot Pet Insurance is always working to help you afford pet insurance for your favorite furry friends.

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Insurance disclosure from Spot:
Pet insurance plans provided by Spot do not cover pre-existing conditions. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits, and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit

Insurance plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company (NAIC #21113. Morristown, NJ), produced by Spot Insurance Services, LLC. (NPN # 19246385)

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