Your Guide to New Recreational Weed Laws

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California is among three states that made recreational marijuana legal. Getty Images

Regardless of your party affiliation, if you enjoy marijuana or think it should be legal, the 2016 election was a hugely progressive one. Of the five states considering recreational marijuana, three passed measures, one seems poised to do the same, and just one state outright rejected a ballot measure.

California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and maybe Maine will all be legal weed states before the end of the year, but it’s more complicated than just flying into town and procuring some pot. Here’s how it’s playing out in each state.

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The New Rule: The Recreational laws allows up to an ounce, plus growing provisions.

Effective: Immediately.

Californians over 21 are allowed to possess up to an ounce of personal use marijuana and six plants effective immediately. But since the state has until January of 2018 to begin issuing licenses to recreational dispensaries, it may be some time before people can legally buy it in the state, which will likely cause some problems.

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The New Rule: The Recreational law passed allows up to an ounce, plus growing provisions.

Effective: December 15.

The first state on the east coast to allow recreational marijuana, Massachusetts has given the ok for those over 21 years of age to possess and grow up to six plants in their home starting on December 15. It could be on sale within the state as early as January 2018. Using pot in public, or possessing over an ounce in public, will still be illegal. In the home they’re allowed up to 10 ounces with some restrictions on how it must be stored.


The New Rule: The Recreational law passed allows up to an ounce, plus growing provisions.

Effective: Immediately.

Nevada has passed recreational marijuana measures that allow up to an ounce or an eighth of an ounce of concentrate for people at least 21 years of age within the state. It appears to be effective immediately, though the supply issue once again comes into effect. Nevada is, at least at first, allowing existing liquor distributors priority on the first licenses, so you may be seeing booze and bud side by side in many locations.


The New Rule: The Recreational law is still pending here. Maine is teetering on the edge in a too-close-to-call race. If passed, they’ll allow possession with some restrictions similar to California and Massachusetts.


The Rule: Sorry folks, smoke 'em elsewhere.

Arizona’s anti-legalization campaign drew tons of funding both from inside and outside the state, which harped on teen usage and “deadly car crash” concerns. It’s unclear if the state will attempt legalization again. 

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