Is Your Penis Normal Size?

Main average penis size is 5

If you’re curious what the average penis size really is when it comes to your manhood check out this research from the journal BJU International.

Scientists gathered over 20,000 men and measured the length and circumference of their flaccid penis, as well as the length and circumference of their erect penis. Gather ‘round boys. Here are the results:

Avg. Flaccid penis length = 3.58 inches

Avg. Flaccid penis circumference = 3.66 inches

Avg. Erect penis length = 5.16 inches

Avg. Erect penis circumference = 4.59 inches

You may also feel reassured by this fact: Penis size doesn’t correlate to age, body mass index or foot size. Except height does matter. Odds are, the taller you are, the longer your penis may be.

But, regardless of where you stand, don’t stress about what the ladies are thinking. “Research shows that women are rarely concerned about the penis size of their partner, rating it much less important than many other factors,” Dr. Gordon Muir, coauthor of the new study, reported to Reuters.

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