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Your Thanksgiving Day Workout Plan

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Let’s just cut the B.S. and say you’re probably going to overeat this week. After all, the typical Thanksgiving feast runs in the 4,500-calorie range. Then there are the hefty leftovers, the weekend brunch, and finally the pizza because you’d rather watch football than make a grocery run.

It sounds like an awesome reward for that pre-holiday mad dash at work, but it’s bad news for your body. Research shows that even just one week of overeating can spike inflammation and hinder glucose control and insulin sensitivity.

Now for some good news. There’s an easy way to counteract the negative effects of stuffing your face: exercise. According to new research from the University of Michigan, if you keep on working out over the coming week, you can enjoy the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy guilt-free.

In this small pilot study, participants ate 30 percent more calories for a week straight while they continued to exercise. By the week’s end, they didn’t have the inflammation markers that popped up in past studies of people who overate but skipped exercise. In fact, the exercisers’ glucose control and insulin sensitivity were unchanged despite packing in so many extra calories.

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Over the holidays, almost everyone has some sort of obligation — family in town, a cross-country flight, manning the turkey — that prevents them from getting out and moving. But you don’t have to run a marathon or spend two hours on the weights to benefit. Just getting a little movement every day will keep the potatoes from taking a toll.

Here’s how to handle exercising on Thanksgiving: