Your Workouts Reviewed: Losing Fat and Adding Muscle

Your Workouts Reviewed: Losing Fat and Adding Muscle

Everyone’s got a workout of their own—their “go-to” routine. But is your routine good enough? We asked our Men’s Fitness Facebook friends if they had a killer routine to share and subject to the scrutiny of our readers. The big catch? Our team of training experts also review it, critique it and tweak it if necessary.

Workout Submission

Mike Covey: Men’s Fitness Facebook Friend

GOAL: “To shred some pounds while maintaining muscle mass. I’m working towards getting in shape for a career in law enforcement.”

Upper body Program – Warmup 5:00 / stretch – Repeat 5-10 times

– Pushups – 10-20
– Regular Crunches – 20
– Bench dips – 10-20
– Reverse Crunches – 20
– Pullups – max reps or pull-downs
– 10 – Hanging Knee up
– Stretch abs/lowerback
* Cardio option 20-30:00 Run, bike, walk, or swim

Lower Body Repeat 4-5 times

– Walk, bike or jog 5:00
– Stretch legs
– Squats – 20
– Lunges 10 / leg
– Left crunches – 25
– Right crunches – 25
– Hip rollers – 10/side
– Stretch abs / lowerback
* Cooldown walk or bike 5:00 / stretch

LONG Cardio Day

– 45-60 minutes of interval running.

Expert Assessment

Dan Trink C.S.C.S., CPT is the Director of Personal Training Operations at Peak Performance NYC. Check out Trink’s website: Follow Trink on Twitter: @TrinkFitness.

Pros: “When resistance training 4 days per week I am a huge fan of programming two upper body days and two lower body days per week, which is exactly what you have done. Great job there. Body weight training is a solid way to prepare for a career in law enforcement and you have included a couple of great movements with both the pull-up and push up. You also clearly value the importance of doing a proper warm-up prior to training which is critical to maximize training longevity and performance.”

Cons: “You’ll notice that I categorized your training as ‘resistance training’ and not ‘strength training’. I believe in order to meet your goals of being a more effective law enforcement officer and drop body fat, you need to focus less on high repetition body weight exercises such as crunches, bench dips and knee ups and start including more overload via external resistance to build strength. Body weight exercises, while valuable as part of your program, will only get you so far. And while I love squats and lunges, your leg day is light in hip-dominant, posterior chain movements such as deadlifts, good mornings and hamstring curls.”

Comments: “Consider breaking up your lower body days into a quad-dominant day that includes your squats and lunges and a hip-dominant day featuring the exercises I mentioned above. Add in more loaded movements to your upper body days with military presses, rows and bench press variations. And while a distance cardio day may be helpful to get an aerobic base, I would consider adding in some interval training as well. Intervals will likely have more carry-over to the demands of your future career and will help significantly in dropping body fat.”

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