Your Workouts Reviewed: Strength and Conditioning Routine

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Everyone’s got a workout of their own—their “go-to” routine. But is your routine good enough? We asked our Men’s Fitness Facebook friends if they had a killer routine to share and subject to the scrutiny of our readers. The big catch? Our team of training experts also review it, critique it and tweak it if necessary.

Workout Submission

 Adam: Men’s Fitness Facebook Friend

GOAL: “I use this workout for summer. It’s something to get in and out of the gym with minimal time. Yet, maximizes all major muscle groups, builds athleticism, power and a strong physique.”

Dynamic Warmup Workout Part 1 Workout Part 2 / Super sets
Jumping Jacks Barbell Hang Clean A1: Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Duck Unders 75-85% 1 RM B1: Neutral Grip Chin Ups
Up and Overs 6-8 reps 65-75% 1 RM
1-min Plank Rest 2-3 mins 8-12 reps shoulder press
5 Burpees Repeat x2 2 less than failure for chin ups
Stick Ups Barbell Squat Rest 2 minutes
Scapular Push Ups 80-85% 1 RM Repeat x2
  6-10 reps A2: Box Jumps
  Rest 2-3 mins B2: Cross-body Mountain Climbers
  Repeat x2 30-40 sec of each exercise
    Rest 2 minutes
    Repeat x2


Expert Assessment Rob Sulaver C.S.C.S. is the owner and founder of and the trainer in our Transformassacre Part II.

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Pros: “This workout is a well-designed version of what we call ‘concurrent training’ or a “mixed workout.” In this case, an initial power move, followed by lower body functional hypertrophy, followed by upper body hypertrophy, with some energy system/conditioning work to boot. You’re covering the entire spectrum. All good and great, but this type of training can be a double edged sword. On one hand it’s nice to work a multitude of strength qualities on the same day – it’s interesting. On the other hand, as each quality becomes developed it requires more attention to get even more awesome. Saavy? Moral of the story…this type of training is great until it isn’t. If you’re making progress, stay the course. If not, you need to move onto more specialized training. Also, solid warmup.”

Cons: “I’d amp up the % max and reduce the rep range of your initial power exercise. I’m talking 5-6 sets of doubles or triples. Then I might hit a 4×4-6 for squats. Keep the 3×10-12 for upper and the 3x40s for energy system work. This just covers a little more of the strength spectrum.”

Comments: “In any case, if you’ve been doing this for the entire summer, it’s definitely time for a new program. Try to mix it up every 4-5 weeks. Phase training = principals of periodization = more progress.”

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