Zac Efron Eats It While Filming ‘Baywatch’ Beach Scene, Still Manages to Look Jacked

Zac Efron falls while filming Baywatch. / Instagram @zacefron

Someone call a lifeguard.

Zac Efron took a hard fall while filming the upcoming Baywatch movie, tumbling head-first into the sand in between co-stars Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson and Jon Bass:


The ultra-chiseled Efron and company were recreating one of the iconic moments of the Baywatch television series—the slow-motion run down the beach.

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The team eventually did get the classic shot, with Johnson’s character leading the way while flanked by Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, Alexandra Daddario, Efron, and Bass:


Efron took his fall in stride, posting the pictures on social media and writing what was going through his mind at that moment: “*think cool thoughts*…run cool- hit em with that COOL #Baywatch run…”

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Efron still managed to look pretty cool while taking the tumble—having abs like this will do that. After the fall, Efron made time to visit with some Make-A-Wish Foundation kids along with Johnson. Efron posted a photo to Instagram with Johnson while hanging with the kids:



The 28-year-old may need some comfort after taking the spill and splitting with his girlfriend Sami Miró, but at least he has Johnson’s so-called “Avengers of the beach” to help him out.

Baywatch, directed by Seth Gordon, is set for a May 19, 2017 release.