Zachary Levi on His Favorite Exercise for a Total-Body Workout

Zachary Levi trained his way to a superhero physique for Shazam!, sometimes spending six days a week in the gym to get into the shape he wanted.

Zachary Levi on Training for ‘Shazam!’ and Getting Into the ‘Best Shape’ of His Life

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During the months of work Levi did for the film, the actor trained in Los Angeles at Granite Gym with trainer Grant Roberts, and at other times with Don Saladino, who whipped Ryan Reynolds into shape for Deadpool 2. Through all of that, Levi relied on one foundational move that helped him get so strong: the deadlift.

“I quite like the deadlift. It works out your entire body in a very good way,” Levi says. “It makes you a whole lot stronger, and the motion of it, my mind-body connection is pretty good with it.”

Ready for Takeoff: How Zachary Levi Went From Hollywood Outsider to Big-Screen Superhero

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Those “deadlift days” helped Levi get into heroic shape for the film, powering it to strong reviews and an even stronger box office haul. Now, a Shazam! sequel is underway and Levi is feeling like he’s in the “best shape” of his life.

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