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Deepwater Hunter




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Florida Forgotten

Top 10 facts about Jim Whittaker’s historical climb of Mount Everest, in honor of 50th anniversary

Stepping up

NFL player retires after hiking Machu Picchu

Florida’s Peeper Paradise

Saltwater Crocodiles Eating Sharks In Oz?

Giant wrasse swallows diver’s camera, receives accidental endoscopy

Be Your Own EMT

Whitewater ready

How to Canoe: Tandem Canoeing 101

TBT: Massive Code Red Day At Teahupo‘o

Expedition documents epic clash of titans: orcas versus sperm whales

Hiking North Korea’s Sacred Volcano

Top Three Basic Standup Paddling Skills

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57 Years Ago: The Moffat Expedition

Unfiltered: Maligiaq Johnsen Padilla

Acacia swimwear designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons give their summer essentials

Glide of the Week: Penobscot Bay, Maine

Sonar to Go – Why tournament performer Brice Sanchez rigs his fish finder as a portable

Buck Brannaman, the Horse Whisperer

British Columbia’s Uneven Thaw

In Western Australia, fishermen’s surprise catch is a 13-foot great white shark

What to Do When River Monsters Attack

Haiti’s Rough And Ready Frontier

The few, the Proud, the Polers

Gear: Big Truck Shane McConkey Hat

Tap is running dry on Colorado River, our ‘Most Endangered River in America’

Laird Hamilton: The Fear Factor

Niobrara River

Black Warrior River

Kootenai River

Catawba River

San Saba River

Deadliest Catch’s Hell on Ice

‘Hell on Ice’ Photo Gallery

Skydiving For the First Timer

Wingsuit flier threads needle with incredible high-speed dash through Batman Cave

Destinations—The West Coast


Angler’s 76.52-pound flathead is an Arizona record and the heaviest fish ever caught in the state

20 Things Every Paddler Needs To Know

The Robinson Crusoe Reality Show

The Freestyle Ski School

Tip Sheet – Tricks of the trade to increase your enjoyment on the water

Pakboat Quest

Huge shark gives kayak angler a major surprise

Kevin Krigger Is Racing for History

A Volcano Tour, Via Mountain Bike

Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.3 – Surf warrior

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 – A lot of boat in a small package

Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 – Killer crossover

Freedom Hawk Pathfinder – Rock steady

Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Angler – Commanding presence

Spearfishing brothers simultaneously shoot fish of a lifetime

Everest's First American Looks Back

Cobra Tourer – Performance Classic

Shark! The Heaviest Kayak Catch Ever – Nabbing the estimated 400 pound salmon shark in Alaska, 2008

Top 10 Pieces of Gear for a Wilderness Trip

Let’s Boof

Huge mako shark caught from Florida beach

Discover Peru’s hand-woven bridge of grass

Discover Peru’s Huacachina oasis before it’s gone

Rare video shows two deer fighting while standing on hind legs

A Rocky Mountain Llama Pack

The ShinShackle stylishly protects pants from bike chains

The Prodigal Company

Adventure Paradise Found

Basketball for the Thinking Man

Is Stress Tripping You Up at Work?

Getting Started in the Garden

Aconcagua: Everyman’s Everest

Angler lands two big bass at once, including one trying to swallow the other

The Gem of the Maine Island Trail

Can you spot the cleverly camouflaged critters?

Troy Knapp, a Ghost in the Backcountry

True Stories: Scott Stephens’ Great White Shark Attack

A Ride on the Kingdom Trails

Monster barracuda is nearly 7 feet long, 102 pounds

Glide of the Week: Viento Run, Columbia River Gorge

Dress for Immersion