Adventure news 2013 06

SUP Hits Croatia With Rental Network

Rio Nazas Roadtrip!

Coyote teaches pups to howl—is it real or a museum exhibit?

Famous surf spot in Wyoming experiencing rare staying power

Juli Furtado wants to help you become Queen of the Dirt

David Mamet’s Survival Skills

Paddle Healthy: Bulletproof Back Part I

Emily Jackson wins kayaking event in ninth month of pregnancy

The Corrido of Tommy Yonley

U.S. Army Response to Robert Young Pelton’s ‘The New War for Hearts and Minds’

Wild giraffe chases terrified tourists in South Africa

‘Bare Knuckle Babe’ wrestles in a 72-pound catfish

Pursuing the Platypus

Fishing the most dangerous leisure activity in terms of lightning-strike fatalities

Dive the Great Wall of China

Nik Wallenda defies death with successful tightrope walk over ‘Grand Canyon’

The Finnish Fauna Tour

Amazon Express

Built for Training: Ace an Adventure Race

Where to Fish in North America This Summer

The 5 Best Bike Parks in the Northeast

Tony Hawk’s first skateboard heads to Smithsonian

Massive roosterfish possibly largest ever caught

Rack and Roll

Riviera Paddlesurf Announces New BUMP Paddle

Scotland’s Long and Winding Road

How Walter White Gives Back

Texas Water Safari

Make It Grow

Vivid underwater photos capture beauty of sea life

Eric Young Wrestles the Beasts of the Deep

Volunteering on the PGA Tour

Scientists make rare discovery: A scary, shark-like fish with abs

A Father Remembered

Adventurer Jess Cramp inspires us to be braver

Pakistan’s Pagan Valley

The making of the look book ‘Boys’ World’ reveals a girl in charge

Motorcyclist doing a wheelie crashes into police car

Glide of the Week: Tomales Bay

Alien-like creature is a feeding Bryde’s whale

Meet Chase Wilson, the surfer behind BYRD Hair Products

Quick Roger Bagley Interview

The Tale of Two Rivers: The Wilderness and Waterless – From two sources to sea down the Green and Colorado Rivers

Tightrope Walking the Grand Canyon

6-year-old boy catches 100-pound tarpon like a pro

Game On!

Hemingway’s Wild War Zone

On the edge: Devil’s Pool isn’t for faint of heart

Aquarium’s new critter packs a pulverizing punch

The ’72 Hour’ Survivor

ROV captures first-ever footage of oarfish in the wild

The Kids are Alright

Dune Bashing Outside Doha

The Inside Line: Jerome Truran

The biggest skateboarding contest you’ve never heard of

Kayaking the Los Angeles River

Surfing beauty Monyca Byrne-Wickey is off the market

Cross-Country by Water

Father's Day Gifts That Don't Suck

Surveying Mongolia’s Nomadic Capital

Eight coffee table surf and skate books you should own

Spectacular orca show ‘like fireworks on 4th of July’

Mysterious sea creature washes ashore in UK

Built for Training: Ace an Adventure Race