Adventure news 2013 09

Dolphin tangled in crab pot buoy line is freed

Motorcycle Rides of the Rich and Famous

Hawk swoops in to snatch just-released baby bunny

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Debt Linked to Mental Health Problems

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Spectacular jaguar attack captured on video

Patagonia’s Roadside Attractions

Lost camera shows video of kayaker’s first descent of Ozone Falls

Found: The Lost Footage of Ozone Falls

Joey Cordeau: Super Hero of Shred

America’s Fastest Country Club

Amsterdam puts an urban twist on camping

So surfers and suits aren’t strange bedfellows?

Surfing For Change: Indonesia Trash Tubes

Diver photographs ‘Cookie Monster of the Sea’

The Running of the Buffalo

Alien-like creature actually a toad with a big appetite

On the Rocks: Master the Old-Fashioned

Brake for the Border: Crossing Mexico by Mountain Bike

Dramatic video shows extreme skier swallowed by avalanche

This could be the smallest marlin ever caught

The Straightforward Obstacle Race

Goats in Boats

Colorado’s Colorful Chutes

Paddle Healthy: Post-Paddle Cool Down Exercises

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Powell Country

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DOXA to Auction Five Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Watches

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Killer Whales Strike Back

Legendary snowboarders shred epic backcountry for new film concept

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An Arctic Adventure

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Men More Prone to Illness

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The Loneliest Waterfall

Team USA dominates Canoe Freestyle World Championship

Rare six-clawed lobster is caught off Massachusetts

Craig Anderson On What He Rode In ‘Slow Dance’

Skier Angeli VanLaanen on living with Lyme disease

U.S. snowboard Olympic hopeful Luke Mitrani breaks neck, recovering; Olympics off the table

Talking Fins With Jordy Smith

Fisherman opts to keep massive, 231-pound halibut

New Mexico's Casting Caldera

‘Redneck’ crashes ATV as stunt goes horribly wrong

Joel Parkinson Releases Surf Training App

Flow the East: Three New England Zones for Buff Singletrack

Gliding Above the Finger Lakes

New 24-Hour World Record: 151.87 Miles

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