Adventure news 2013 11

A Swiss Ski Invasion

How to Walk to the South Pole

Starling murmurations create fantastic show in Scottish sky

This German shepherd mix may be the ultimate outdoor and soccer dog

How to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Giant spinning ice circle discovered in North Dakota’s Sheyenne River

The Board Size Conundrum—What about the Big Boys?

2013 Whitewater Kayaks: Wavesport Recon

Enormous rare sea creature hauled from depths by Florida shark fisherman

Stop harassing great white sharks, California warns paddleboarders, anglers

5 Good Reasons … You Should Not Raft the Middle Kings

Fight for the Chattahoochee River

Fight for the Chattahoochee River, Page 5

Monster catfish landed after fishing line is cut

The Strip Golf Club

Lion Whisperer gets up close and personal with lions

Barking Up the Same Tree

Winter Kayaking: San Juan Islands, Washington

Winter Kayaking Lake Superior, Michigan

Winter Kayaking: Upper Arkansas River, Colorado

Winter Kayaking: Potomac River, Washington, D.C.

Winter Kayaking: Blue River, Indiana

Winter Kayaking: Pennsylvania Creeking

Embrace the Cold: Winter Kayaking

New Guinness Record: 2,099 Boats

Standing Up on Honduras’s Wild Rapids

Jeremy Jones Rides Outside the Lines

How to Train Like an Olympian

Mysterious fish with whip-like tail and cone-shaped snout identified as a long-nosed chimaera

Lessons from Big Game School – Top anglers show how to paddle among the sharks for that golden chance at big tuna

Spiny dogfish produce unique lightshow with eyes

The Winter Olympics, For Beginners

Catch of 900-pound sunfish creates stir in Jamaica

Angler Alert: Misguided Florida Judge Lifts Ban On Gill Nets – Disaster Narrowly Averted (For Now)

The Best Places to Snowboard on Earth

Hunting celebrity stirs controversy after shooting a lion in South Africa

8 outdoors companies with the coolest employee perks

Opinion: Avoid the “Us Versus Them” Mentality

Formula 1 Gets Bigger in Texas

Autumn Paddling in New England, Part Four

Shop Talk: Walk on Water Fitness

Deep-sea clam, world’s oldest creature, was 507 when captured by scientists

Balaram Stack is a New (York) Surf Star

Voyage to the Pole

How the North Pole Was Lost

‘Finding Strong’ uncovers transcendent themes in running

Rare albino wels catfish believed to be world record

Loggerhead sea turtles hatch in endless procession

Dodging Drug Deals and Soft Sand to Chase Texas Snook – If you want to fish for snook in Texas, South Bay is the place

Cold on the Cheap: Winter Gear

America’s Best Running Trails

Young elephant gets surprise bite from crocodile

Fishing And Surfing With Stephen Koehne

John John Florence Gives A Tour Of His New House

Lady angler realizes dream by catching ‘grander’

Betting on Football (to Win)

Amazing wildlife video shows crocodile taking down a warthog

Beginner? 6 Keys to SUP Gear Shopping

Canoeist rescues owl from nearly-frozen lake

Exploring Bosnia by Packraft

Why Buttons Kaluhiokalani was the answer

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails


Mapping the Lower Mississippi Water Trail

7 essentials for cool weather cycling

Massive great white shark journeys far into South Carolina inland waterway

The Fatbiking Revolution

5 of the greatest waves you’ll never surf

November 2013 Brain Breakthroughs

Movember Bro is a Cancer Survivor Himself

Tony Stewart Captures the NASCAR Championship

How to Start a Business—And Make It Succeed

Tony Stewart’s Down and Dirty Paradise

The Best New Smoky Mountain Float

Lion forms close, rare bond with conservationists

Scientists document rare killer whale sighting off Kona, Hawaii

Everything You Need to Know About Freestyle Skiing

‘Loch Ness Monster’ sighting in Australia creates stir

Demshitz Runs the Green Narrows—In a Sea Kayak