Adventure news 2014 01

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Enormous cobia speared off Brazil is nearly 30 pounds heavier than world record

Dark Side of the Mountain

Ice fishing event expects enormous crowd

Surfer Mia Belluche leads inspiring road to recovery after traumatic accident

‘Boogie’s’ Record Giant Kayak Barracuda – 65 pounds of log cuda caught shallow in Hawaii

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Bigger, Faster, Higher

Bizarre, see-through sea creature baffles angler

The t-Bone Kayak-Carrying Pickup Bed Extender – Finally, a bed extender that doesn’t weigh a ton

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Harrowing near-miss attack by tiger shark teaches twins a lesson they’ll never forget

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Ski Jumper Re-creates 'The Agony Of Defeat'

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Conjoined gray whale calves discovered in Baja California lagoon; find could be a first

Are shark attacks souring tourists on Hawaii?

Bluefin tuna price plummets at Tokyo auction

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3D images of faces in the snow—a new fad?

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Enormous snow shark constructed by three brothers in Minnesota front yard

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