Adventure news 2014 05

Surfer's Workout

Can I Self-Learn to Meditate?

Asher Bradshaw is youngest skateboarder to land a 900

Thunder Bear's Big Break?

SUP Fly Fishing for Sharks

The amazing Moonbird, still going strong at 21

Red Rider: A Deadly Soft Plastics Combo for the Flats – G.Loomis GLX852C JWR + Shimano Stradic FJ 3000

Is Wikipedia Killing You?

Caterpillar appears as a snake for camouflage

Spectacular fin whale breach a rare sight

Infallible Inflatable Kayaks

Ride With the Pros

AIRE Force 1

Sardinia’s White Coast

Life Aboard an Aircraft Carrier

Marco Andretti Is Racing for a First Name

Saving Michigan's Island Wolves

Classic: The Tarpon 160 – A little slower and heavier with the years, this racer still has the moves

HOW TO PACK: Expedition with kids

The Nadal-Djokovic Rivalry, By the Numbers

Purple jellyfish found in Australia new to science?

Demshitz Celebrates the Pacific Northwest

6 summer surf trips under $1,000

Top cycling spots in NYC

15 Epic Summer Adventures

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Zoo’s pythons double as massage therapists

Bear pulls cub to safety from busy highway

Florida's Most Sadistic Course

Longboard Spotlight: The Surfer by Laird Standup

SUP Safety Basics

10 Days Across Alaska by Bike

Pelican ProGear Urban Elite U160

World Cup Bad Boys

Dumbo octopus displays rare behavior

Paddling the Colorado River to the Sea

Alligator snapping turtle is surprising catch by angler

What You Need to Know About World Cup 2014

The Colorado River has Reached the Sea

How to Land a Big Fish – The Tip of the Week Presented by Jackson Kayak

Rule the Mountain

Prehistoric paddlefish makes S. Dakota history

3 Tucked-Away Camping Trips

Open Boater Sticks 70-foot Waterfall, Sets new World Record

The Full-Contact Castle

Expedition Adds Two Miles to Sistema Huautla Cave

Canada from Coast to Coast

Can these wetsuits prevent shark attacks?

Stealthy Invaders – Real Offshore Rockets Come to the U.S.

Video: Paddling the Soca River in Slovenia

The Giro d'Irelandia

Jackman's Skin Cancer Scare

Tony Kanaan's New Role: Favorite

A Trainer Watches the Draft

What is Bayou Paddling?

5 of the best springtime river rafting trips

Tipping Point

Extreme Gear to Kayak Across the Atlantic

Caribou stuck on ice floes take ride downriver

Try These Pelvis Stretches for Paddlers

Great white shark bites inflatable boat as worried crew hopes for the best

Placebos Work!

Kayak Carry: Should Anglers Pack Heat? – A law enforcement professional offers his thoughts

Michael Jordan: Beyond "The Shot"

The 9 Best Gran Fondos in America

Americans Set New Arctic Speed Record

The Story Behind the Ultimate Descent from Everest

Matt Eckert’s 11-hour, 30-mile Blue Marlin Sleigh Ride – A big game kayak fishing epic

A Look at Maliko Gulch and the Olukai Ho’olaule’a

Do fans want more women in motocross?

Royalex 2.0?

Switzerland's Fighters

Training Secrets of the Top NFL Draft Picks

Paddle Healthy: Electrolytes Part I

24's Bid to Live Another Day

Fisherman discovers live frog in throat of fish

Vans Asks Gavin McInnes How to Do Everything In The World ­ brand new series on OffTheWall.TV!

Aquarium sand tiger shark stuns handlers, tries to swallow another shark

Capturing the Everest Tragedy on Film

Mystery fish caught on Mexico trip identified

Laguna Beach described as ‘Whale Beach’ after series of unusual close encounters

Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

Walking the Line

Rides: Joe Pikul’s Cedar Strip Prospector

How to Help the Sherpas

Optical illusion shows hiker on the edge of cliff

5 pro surfers find their inner activist