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Your Window to Wealth

How the Bryan Brothers’ Failures Fuel Their Success

Will Smith Takes On the NFL in ‘Concussion’

Mystery surrounding neon-green pike appears to have been solved

Walking fish on brink of extinction, measures considered

Iconic LOVE Park in Philadelphia faces destruction

Watch What It’s Like to Get Slapped By a Grizzly Bear

Two men fined for flying drones too close to orcas

Paddle Healthy | Three Mobility Exercises to Fix Your Forearms, Elbows and Wrists

Remembering Darryl Dawkins, and the Rims He Punished

Rebuilding After Katrina, One Playground at a Time

Shop Talk | Top 3 Paddles for Kids

Nyjah Huston’s charity brings clean water to Ethiopia

Usain Bolt Wins the World Championships, Then Gets Hit by a Segway

Action-sports couple quits day jobs, pursues van life

Fisherwoman Darcie Arahill takes Internet by storm

Shark rescued by swimmers on Italian beach

From the Mag | Summer Fitness Guide | Part 2

‘Yosemite in the Fifties’ shows vintage climbing before the Dawn Wall days

The 10 Laziest Rivers in the U.S.

How a 10-Year-Old Survived Getting Lost in Utah’s Wilderness

Mount Everest Is Open for Business — But Should It Be?

Afghan women break gender barriers with mountain climbing

Video | A Couple and Cows | Heavenly SUP Surf Sessions In Spain

Could Justin Wilson’s Death Have Been Prevented?

Paddle Healthy | One Exercise Workout — Part 3 | Hang Clean Front Squat

Today’s Conspiracy Theory: Daniel LaRusso Was Actually the Bad Guy in ‘Karate Kid’

Clean Up (Online)

Corporate Logos Could Be Coming to NHL Uniforms

Featured Destination: Cherry County, Nebraska

The world’s most dangerous wave has never looked so beautiful

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Duke Kahanamoku

How Did Donald Trump Do as a Pro Football Team Owner?

Richmond, Virginia: Urban Paddle Guide

Gear Review: Aire Traveler Inflatable Canoe

Brad Knight’s first bass-fishing win is the Forrest Wood Cup, worth $500,000

New Trek Connect program sells Trek bikes direct to consumer

Paddler Missing at Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge

Kayaking Cuba Part Three: Guajimico and Hanabanilla

BASE Jumper Jeb Corliss: “This Sport is Going to Kill Me”

What Dolphins Are Thinking

A Death at the Leadville Trail 100: What Went Wrong

Smuggler uses scuba equipment, underwater tunnel to bring 55 pounds of cocaine across U.S. border

Nick Saban’s Evil Genius

6 Reasons You Should Know Amina Tayona

Video | SUP Surfing East OZ | Keahi de Aboitiz

From the Mag | SUP Fitness Guide | Part 1

Bizarre and rarely seen jellyfish captured in ROV video

Core Exercises for Paddlers, Part II

A definitive guide to surfing hairdos

Conquer California

The Bad News Bills

New video released of Tia Blanco posing for Playboy

Rare ‘rain bomb’ microburst captured in time-lapse video

The Missouri River by SUP

Prominent scuba diver presumed dead after world-record attempt off St. Croix

Kids play on World War II bomb mistaken for buoy

Why James Harrison Returned His Kids’ Participation Trophies

The 15 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Montana

Behind the Viral Video: Humpback Whale Splashes Kayakers in Alaska

Rare footage shows great white shark leaping after seal off Cape Cod

North America’s highest commercial bungee jump hits Central Oregon

Irish adventurer records inspiring bike journey in ‘The Road Headed West’

'Outlaw Chronicles': True Stories with the Hells Angels

Bus knocks down cyclists protesting for road safety

Rides: Missy Campau’s Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125

Spree of attacks on Minneapolis cyclists baffles community

Hikers terrified as massive debris flow rumbles down Mount Rainier

Rescue Lessons Caught on Tape: Pin Situation

Tasmanian boys each land world-record tuna

Looking Down the Barrel with Surf Photographer Clark Little

Hammerhead shark bites diver off Southern California

Wheels and Waves brings motorcycle and surf fans together

See Jimmy Chin and the ‘Meru’ Climbers’ Campsite at 20,000 Feet

They’re Baaaack! Legacy Paddlesports, Hurricane Kayaks Join Forces

Jet boat racers in high-speed crash react oddly

King of Asia

Great white attacks leave Gold Coast surfers calling for shark cull

‘Godzilla El Niño’ looms as a possible drought buster for California

An Adventurer’s Guide to El Niño

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley: 60 Works of Fiction Every Man Should Read

How to take the ultimate outdoor selfie

Watch 164 Skydivers Converge for a Record-Breaking Jump

Sydney fisherman removes fishing line and plastic bag from whale’s mouth

“Hefty Lefty” QB Jared Lorenzen Wants to Play for the Jets

Drake McElroy rides naked across desert for video competition Real Moto

Alana Blanchard poses for Galore Magazine in Gooseberry Intimates

Mystery surrounds massive tiger shark caught off Australia

‘Atchafalaya River: The Mississippi’s Best Route to the Gulf’

Aussie’s miracle recovery from skydiving accident inspires thousands

Nick Symmonds: USATF Needs to “Be Burned to the Ground”

Playful orcas visit dog in a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ encounter off Washington

What a prolonged El Niño means for action sports

Steve-O arrested for anti-SeaWorld stunt in Hollywood

What I learned from hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome

Extreme Urban Kayaking, Down a Drainage Ditch

Geno Smith Gets Knocked Out, Jets Fans Pull No Punches

How to Mountain Bike With Your Dog

Lightning, rainbow and cactus align perfectly for photographer

Update: Cyclist who T-boned a race support vehicle stable, recovering in hospital