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6 Wild November Adventures

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Wavestorm is the most popular surfboard in America

Heavy swells turn North Shore into deadly surf playground

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BuzzFeed’s ‘Whine About It’ has some questions for people who ski

Sea lions launch frenzied attack on thresher sharks; ‘I’ve never seen anything like it’

Massive crack in earth mysteriously opens up in Bighorn Mountains

Scotty’s Castle, a Death Valley landmark, closes for a year after flash flood

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Green Race

Fact Checking the Drunk History of America’s First Ski Lift

Will Daily Fantasy Sports Be Regulated Out of Existence?

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Rare catch of massive great white shark off Tunisia draws criticism

Snowboard legend criticized for Gus Kenworthy comments

Circling Sardinia Part III: Decision Time

Drifting Through Europe | 1,777-Miles Down The Danube

Wade Davis: Why Ayahuasca Is Still Having a Moment

How one man has found both loneliness and salvation in fly-fishing

Watch Pro Riders Pay Homage to 1983’s ‘BMX Bandits’

Hammerhead shark rides a wave just yards from shore off Newport Beach

It’s All About the Bullpen, and 5 Other Things You Need to Know Before Watching the World Series

SUP n’ Surf Retreat | A New, Luxury SUP Escape in Paradise

Extinct cave lions, almost perfectly preserved, discovered in Siberia

Small fry fish big in Jackson Skipper – Match your youth or lady angler to the right size boat for more fun

Filipino architect firm designs museum to look like cave from ‘Jurassic Park’

Rare photo shows baby hippo escaping with its life atop mom’s back

Watch a Stunning 360-Degree Video of a Climbing Phenom Soloing Over Water

Rides: Erich Bell’s Bellyak Play 45

Circling Sardinia Part IV: Closing the Loop

Circling Sardinia, Part II: Fresh Start

Hobie Adventure Island Sails Towards More Fish – Hobie’s Fully Redesigned 2015 Mirage Adventure Island

Video | Everything Good About SUP Life | Tahiti

Is It Ethical to Climb Everest? Conrad Anker’s Take

Paddle Healthy | Dynamic Full-Body Warm-Up Routine | Video

Shoal Bass Are The Best Bass – Join the battle to maintain healthy river populations of this Alabama native

Circling Sardinia

Video: Kayaking Peru’s Colca Canyon

The Least Serious (But Possibly Most Fun) Adventure Race

Get the most out of your PFD

Photographer’s John Muir Trail photos prove you don’t need a pricey camera

Not all skateboarders are on board with skateboarding at 2020 Olympics

POP Paddleboards Huckleberry

SIC Maui Air-Glide Recon – 11.4

Rare catfish that looks like a cow caught by a fisherman in Oklahoma

Watch Mountain Bikers Glow as They Carve Trails at Midnight

Michigan angler breaks 109-year-old record for smallmouth bass

The Best Turkey Trots in America


USA juniors win International Surfing Championship

Watch the Winning Run at Mountain Biking’s Most Dangerous Competition

Hawaii Sees Sixth Shark Attack This Year Off Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Shots fired at Mentawais surf break Macaronis

Biggest elephant killed in Africa in 30 years conjures memories of Cecil the lion

An Explorer’s Best Friend: How to Find the Ultimate Adventure Dog

Bowfishing from the Kayak – Shooting big gar in the Chattahoochee Valley

Watch a Terrifying Preview Ride of the Red Bull Rampage Course

Demystifying Ayahuasca

Bruce Cook lands first-ever motorcycle backflip by paraplegic

Industry News | BOTE Announces 2016 HD

Danny Way catches the highest air on a skateboard, sets World Record

Recon: The Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 – A first look at Wildy’s new bluewater hunters

Rare footage shows clash between bull shark and angry hippos

The 5 best mountaineering films on Netflix

New footage shows dramatic great white shark attack on sea lion in S.F. Bay

Try Not to Flinch as a Den of Rattlesnakes Attacks a GoPro

Kiefer Sutherland on Making a Movie with (and for) His Dad

Specialized Bicycles’ head honcho, Mike Sinyard, speaks

How to sell your possessions and canoe away

Is Lumberjacking the Next CrossFit?

Field Tested: Ursack’s Bear-Proof Food Storage Bags

Forget helicopters, try skiing out of a hot air balloon

Rides: David Bixby’s Cape Falcon F1 Skin-On-Frame Kayak

Great white shark attack on sea lion documented for first time in San Francisco Bay

World’s shortest bike race is ‘13.05 feet of hell’

Is this the most creative skate video ever?

Watch Mountain Bikers Fly and Crash at the World’s Hardest Downhill Race

Watch David Lama Make the First Ascent of a Stunning Waterfall

A Friendly Paddle In Central Germany

From the Mag | Gear | Paddling Pavement

Everyday Dale ends 40-year surfing streak

South Carolina kayakers paddle the flood

Snowboarder rescues trapped-in-snow horse in Chile

Surfer Clay Marzo on his new book about living with Asperger’s

Stunning Photos from Sebastian Copelands 'Arctica'

Divers off Portugal dwarfed by massive sunfish

Everything You Need to Know about the National League Playoffs

Sawyer ‘Versa Trident’

Why the Boundary Waters Matter

Leticia Bufoni wins inaugural women’s Street League Skateboarding Super Crown

Everything You Need to Know about the American League Playoffs

Sleeping sea otter gives priceless reaction to rude awakening

Fall is for Flounder – This is flat-out the best time of year to collect a delectable dinner.

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Bending Branches ‘Slice’

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