Adventure news 2016 01

Shark blasts kayaker into African waters!

Dog rescues freezing bald eagle that was facing certain death

Fear of a great white shark attack grips New Zealand island; it’s like ‘Jaws’

Dying for the Record

Doctor and Kayaker Jessie Stone Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of her Heath Clinic in Uganda

Kelly Slater Had a Bad Day Surfing and Still Saved Two Lives

The 6 Best Players to Only Appear in One NHL All-Star Game

Destination: Smith and Bybee Lakes near Portland, Oregon

The Amazing True Story Behind ‘The Finest Hours’

Surfing orca catches wave of the day off New Zealand

Emerald Mile Oarsman Rudi Petschek on the Breaking of his Grand Canyon Speed Record

Stay alive and thrive winter kayak fishing

Zika Virus

The True Story That Inspired the ‘Outsiders’

Field Tested: Kokatat Whirlpool Bib

Unlikely tiger and goat friendship gained worldwide attention; now it’s over

Insane Hockey Tricks Look That Much Better on a GoPro

Massive tiger shark could set world record, but mystery surrounds catch

Field Tested: Prijon Cali Creekboat

Paddleboarder fights off tiger shark attack off Maui; ‘Shark! Shark! Shark!’

Rare rainbow-colored lobster caught off Nova Scotia

How I Got the Shot: Photographer captures the ‘vortex’ phenomenon

Exploring Croatia on SUP

Grand Canyon Speed Record Falls (AGAIN)

Explorer Henry Worsley, 55, Dies on Antarctic Expedition

Beachgoers barely escape sneaker wave near Coos Bay; ‘My God that’s huge’

Vandals destroy iconic saguaro cactus plants; could face felony charges

Diver risks losing arm by touching great white shark on nose

Rides: Michael Teach’s Wenonah Spirit II

Lindsey Vonn’s new puppy helps her skiing

Pro skier Angel Collinson rag dolls down mountain, catches self with two fingers

Grand Canyon Speed Record Shattered

Nebraska kayak fishing homecoming

Exposed: A Monastery’s Black-Market Tiger Trade

Video | Bernd Roediger Shreds in Maui

Video | Moroccan SUP Surfing Safari

So You Crashed Your Bike. Now What?

Bizarre, two-legged fish whose bite is as fast as a speeding bullet found in New Zealand

Industry Update: Oru Kayak introduces their ‘Beach Kayak’, a craft for casual paddlers

Snowboarder survives avalanche he triggered, now faces prosecution

What’s In the Grand Canyon River Guide Sexual Misconduct Report: A Cheat Sheet

Rough Water: A River Guide Tells Her Side of the Story

Video | Charging Rapids on the Lower Deschutes

Hollywood Helpers: Filming The Revenant’s Whitewater Scenes

This BASE Jump Supercut Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Video | Killer Whale Stalks Standup Paddler

Snowboarder owes skier more than $868,000 after crash in Snowmass

The Mountain From ‘Game of Thrones’ Breaks His Craziest Record Yet

Video | Dreams of the Big Island

Watch a Hang Glider Shoot Through Moab’s Wilson Arch

This video is all about the joys of life on the road

Massive great white shark off Australia said to be ‘the size of Jaws’

Boundary Waters/Quetico, Minnesota and Ontario

The Big Easy: 6 Easy-to-Plan Paddling Trips

Green River, Utah

Boncho keeps bike riders dry

Inbound avalanche and skier missing at Sugar Bowl Resort

Surfer caught biggest wave ever paddled into

Pro skier Tanner Hall creating his own strain of weed

Short Film: ‘Listen To The River’

Two ‘Mega Sharks’ Caught From Australian Beach Gain Worldwide Attention

10 things you need to start spearfishing

Go-to Gear: Kayak Touring Expedition Essentials

Pro freeskier Sammy Carlson and friends night-ski while strapped to flares

Rare, monstrous sea creature washes ashore on a Philippine beach

Philippe Cousteau Talks Sex-Crazed Sea Slugs

Watch Jaw-Dropping Kayak Runs Down Iceland’s Frigid Waterfalls

DC Shoes and Rob Dyrdek to part ways

The eerily beautiful moment a great white shark looks you in the eye

Biking the Amazon River: Part III, Earthquake!

Why the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Will Be Roughing it in Jail

Rare yellow-bellied sea snake found on San Diego beach

Study says marijuana doesn’t affect your biking

Six Kayaking Blogs to Get You Past the Hump Day Slump

Video: Build Your Own Teardrop Trailer From Kayak Designer’s Kit

2016’s top ski and snowboard competitions not named ‘X Games’

Paddle Healthy | Indoor SUP Studios, So Hot This Winter

The True Story Behind ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’

Pro surfer recalls what it feels like to wipeout at Mavericks

Maine Island Trail, Coastal Maine

2016 Nelscott Reef Classic Big-Wave Surf and SUP Contest

Massive bull sharks caught in Australian rivers; ‘Like a scene out of Jaws’

Climber attempts world record to end childhood obesity

Review: MSR’s Mutha Hubba NX Tent

Three Snowboarders Turn a Water Park Into a Winter Playground

Motocross rider suspended for punching opponent during race

10 Big Novels to Read by the Fire: A Winter Reading List

Kids gasp in awe as sea lions devour thresher sharks in frenzied attack

Angler sets blue catfish record, then breaks own record the next day

Let These Powder Videos Be a Reminder: You Should Be Skiing This Weekend

Video | SUP Surfing in Morocco

160 ski resorts attempt world record for largest ski lesson

The Misfit Back-Ups in This Year's NFL Playoffs

Rarely seen sea creature washes ashore in Southeast Alaska

True Stories From Soldiers Who Made it Home

Best ski highways in North America: New Hampshire’s ‘Ski 93’

(Next) Best Paddling Towns: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Freediving with Fernando | Part 2

The Future of Kayak Fishing in Hawaii – Isaac Brumaghim talks Aquahunters and the Makahiki Tournament

The Hunter and the Perfect House Pet: Meet the Two Newest Dog Breeds