Adventure news 2016 03

Jim Harrison on The End of Nature

Veteran scuba diver dies in Blue Hole caves that had been sealed for 40 years

Skater endeavors to build 5-mile-long skate park in Maine

Megalodon shark extinction unrelated to climate change; new reasons revealed

Woman rescued after trying to climb Britain’s tallest peak in shorts

Multimillionaire Dan Bilzerian attempts a 300-mile bike ride to win a $600,000 bet

Field Tested: Frost River Grand Portage Pack

The USA’s best surfing road trips for spring break

It's Earthquake Preparedness Month

A Ferrari F40 makes a perfect vehicle for snow camping

Extremely rare encounter with Florida panther terrifies woman

Lunada Bay surf gang hit with class-action lawsuit

Featured Destination: Roanoke, Virginia

Review: Shawty Women’s Drysuit by Immersion Research

Review: Women’s Crux Drysuit by NRS

Review: Women’s Amp Drysuit by Stohlquist

Review: Women’s Surge Paddling Suit with SwitchZip Technology by Kokatat

Review: Three Women’s Drysuits Put to the Test

Surf Assists

Field Tested: 5 Water Filters and Purifiers Reviewed

Water Filter Review: MSR Guardian Purifier

Water Filter Review: LifeStraw Mission 12L

Water Filter Review: LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle

Water Filter Review: Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier

Water Filter Review: Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Health | SUP Meals | A Midweek Dinner

The 5 worst big-wave surfing wipeouts of the past year

Just Try to Stay Indoors After Watching 'The Adventure Dispatch'

Fitness | 10-Minute SUP Shoulder Workout

Skier Tanner Hall gives interview to The New Yorker about weed and sports

Paddling Glass on Lake Tahoe

Jim Harrison's Fly-Fishing Guide Remembers His Favorite Client

Jim Harrison, Author, Poet, Fly-Fisherman, and Gourmand, Dies at 78

Life After Royalex: Canoe Materials 101

Life After Royalex: Mad River Explorer 16 (FGX)

Life After Royalex: Nova Craft Prospector 16 (Tuff Stuff)

Life After Royalex: Northstar Phoenix (White Gold)

Life After Royalex: Wenonah Argosy (Kevlar Flex-Core)

Life After Royalex: Abenaki Algonquin Canoe (Betula Papyrifera)

Life After Royalex

Video: Packsailing

The girls of SURFING’s Swimsuit Issue know how to have fun

Watch a skier hit a world record speed of 158 mph

The best river surfing waves in the world

Boulders bombard buses in terrifying landslide on Karakoram Highway

Retail Convergence: Summit Sports, Austin Canoe and Kayak Merge

This Skier Makes Flying Over an Avalanche Look Easy

2016 WSL Big Wave Award nominees are some of the best ever

Cool dad creates homemade mountain bike simulator for daughter

Op-Ed: Protect the Grand Canyon Watershed

196 Adventures, One in Each Country

Destinations | A Dreamy SUP Getaway on Siargao Island

River Etiquette: 8 Tips for Paddling in a Group

Brothers paddleboarding from AK to Mexico for coastal conservation

New all-terrain skateboard can handle anything, looks like a tank

How Chris Bertish changed big-wave surfing on a borrowed surfboard

In Iceland for skiing, kayaker decides to hit frozen falls as well

Traversing the world in a Model T

Photos: The 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest Highlights

Rides: Michael Dexter’s Perception Pescador 12

Greg Long overcame a near-drowning to win Big Wave World Title

Hilleberg Niak tent

Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen prove they’re not terrible surfers

Skier dies after crashing into rock at Snowbird

Meet the shark with the cleanest set of chompers around

DIY Board

One surfer paid the price for his first wave at Puerto Escondido

Meet the French Brigade: 6 French Bulldogs who ride skateboards and SUP

30 Years of the Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Video: Winter whitewater in Iceland

Brutal Tests

$45 Million Oklahoma Whitewater Center to Open May 7

Baby elephant takes issue with its trunk — and it’s beyond cute

The list of surfing animals is growing … and getting weirder

Whistler Blackcomb employee dies after skiing into tree well

Drone | SUP Surfing Northern California

6 surftreprenuers who’ve ridden the wave of success

SUP Surfing Competition for Dogs

Donald Trump Jr. says hunting is a ‘passion,’ speaks out on behalf of sportsmen

New app like Tinder for (G-rated) mountain hookups

Daily Damage

Justice, of a Sort, For a Wolf

Around the Isle of Corsica

Joe and Jack Bark | Continuing the Legacy of Bark Paddleboards

A Reading List for Runners

This pink elephant is not a hallucination; ‘once in a lifetime sighting’

Man beats odds to survive cancer and a skydiving accident

Rare video shows antler falling off a bull moose

8-year-old snowboarder likely the youngest ever to land double backflip

Video: Family paddles from Copenhagen to Istanbul by Kayak

Leticia Bufoni’s new photo shoot is jaw-dropping

No nets, no ropes, no fear: Video shows daredevil climbing to terrifying heights

9 Must-Take Gear Items for a Winter Grand Canyon Trip

Baltimore officials planning dirt bike park to curb urban riding

This family takes the entire clan on the road: Free range family

Who are the greatest surf explorers of all time?

The World Surf League’s partnerships to stop the damage of coral reefs

The 5 Rules of Working at Home

Exploring an Underground World War II Nazi Fortress via SUP