Adventure news 2017 11

Is that a bull shark swimming in the Mississippi River in Iowa?

SUP Descent of Colorado River’s Westwater Canyon

The new Peace Park edit raises the bar even further

Elephant herd celebrates baby’s rescue from well in poignant moment

Elite big-wave safety group creates training program for surfers of waves “2-20 feet”

Costa Rica breaks own record, runs entirely on renewable energy for 300 days

A tribute to Jean da Silva

Moto Champ Ryan Dungey Hits Hidden Jumps in a Secret Cornfield

Wingsuit flyers perform mid-air landing through an airplane door

Standup Paddleboard Review: Boardworks Eradicator

Sean Poynter’s Pro SUP Surfing Tips: Completing the Wave

My Backyard Adventure: Josiah Pleasant

Angry sea lion torments crew from ‘Blue Planet II’

Destination Chile!

Carter Graves’ Aquatic Journey From Swim to SUP

Gear Shed: Paddles for the People

Chattajack 2017 Highlights

How to perform the outdoor wetsuit change in freezing weather

Caught in an avalanche: Jeremy Jones reflects on his experience

5 excellent ski areas just outside major cities

Paralyzed from the Waist Down, A Mountaineer Challenges the Impossible

Tiger shark swims dangerously close to clueless swimmers

SUP Day With Miss Hawaii USA 2018

Great white shark attacks spearfisherman off Pebble Beach

Surf world reacts to the loss of 2 beloved surfers over the holiday weekend

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers: Southeast Access Issues

These Million-dollar Sailboats Are Racing Around the World

The best gifts for all-weather anglers

Deadly hornets from ‘granddaddy of a hornet’s nest’ swarm exterminator

A brief history of the US Olympic snowboard team uniforms

Different Strokes: Expedition Canoeing (Part 1)

Discovering the amalgamation that is NYC and NJ surf culture

Standup Paddleboard Review: Infinity Blackfish

How to Snow Camp: Tips for Surviving a Night in the Cold

Travel | 800-Mile SUP Expedition on the Danube River

Introducing SUP’s New Community Forum!

Local x Pro: SUP surfing at San Onofre

SUP and Freediving With Orcas in Norway

The Navy is Pissed One of Its Pilot Drew a Penis in the Sky

Lion bites into vehicle and shows its strength

On the NFCT with filmmaker Brad Tallent

Tony Hawk answers skateboarding questions for Wired Magazine

WSL officially announces Surf Ranch as 2018 Championship Tour stop

Man denies pitting ‘pet’ bear against dogs in bear-baiting event

Love and Stoke: A Tribute to Surf Kayaking Legend Dennis Judson

SUP Pros’ Guide to Morning Nutrition

Standup Paddleboard Review: Fanatic All Wave LTD

Navy SEAL Dies While Spearfishing on Veteran’s Day

Getting in the groove with longboarder Anais Pierquet

A look at sponsorship limitations for pro surfers in the 2020 Olympics

Camp Chairs: GCI “SitBacker” Canoe Seat

Camp Chairs: Thermarest “Uno”

Camp Chairs: Thermarest “Quadra”

Camp Chairs: Helinox “Chair Zero”

Camp Chairs Worth Sitting In

Maryland anglers reel in extremely rare opah ‘moonfish’; photos

Pope Francis Gets a Brand New Lamborghini Huracan

A Look Inside the New Woodward Riviera Maya Mexico

Meet the Giant Crabs Some People Think Killed Amelia Earhart

Huge Chinook salmon intercepted swimming upriver is one for the ages

Punta de Lobos in Chile gains full status as World Surfing Reserve

Light your camp: Headlamps

Light your camp: Flashlights

Field Test: Light up your camp

US Ski Team Unveils Uniforms For the 2018 Winter Olympics

Review: Grass Racks Bamboo Board Rack

The Grand Canyon, Solo

5 Reasons Why the Baja 1000 Is the World’s Craziest Offroad Race

BASE jumping legend Valery Rozov dies in wingsuit accident

One Camera, Endless Angles

Video: Flying with a Kayak

The fall of the Grand Canyon Escalade development project

Russell Davies explains PTSD

How to Choose Your Backpack Capacity Based on Trip Length

These are some of the greatest winter weather superstitions

The Fall of the Grand Canyon Escalade

The science behind how Kelly Slater’s wave pool churns out perfect waves

Time to Move! Stephen Hawking Says the Earth has Less than 600 Years

Famous Outdoorsman Will Make Gobs of Money From Indoor Theme Park

SUP Women: Meet The Professional Cheerleader Turned Professional Paddler

Patagonia just released their new short film ‘Right to Roam’

12’6″ SUPs vs. 20′ Waves

Iowa farmer harvesting corn makes odd discovery—a black bear

New foundation to provide college scholarships to skateboarders

Community rallies to help struggling Boogie Board inventor Tom Morey

The best multi-resort ski passes for the 2017-18 season

SUP Surfing 14-foot Raceboards at San Onofre

Lion takes quick swipe at car window, trying to impress lioness

Board Review | Red Paddle Co. 11’3″ Sport

Elephants firebombed by mob in award-winning photo that leaves judges in tears

Cross-Canada Dispatch #5

15-year-old Caroline Marks becomes youngest surfer ever to qualify for Championship Tour

Giant sharks attack film crew’s sub during eerie deep-water encounter

Auto Racks: Get the Gear Where You’re Going

4 ways to recycle your old wetsuits

The best gear for the rugged outdoorsman

A 10-Year-Old May Just Save Our National Parks

Grizzly bear attacks hunter, is ultimately thwarted by empty can of bear spray

The NY Times follows skateboarders as they bomb hills in San Francisco

Hunter says killing grizzly bear was a last resort; fate of cubs uncertain