Features news 2012 07

Willie Nelson, the Road Warrior

Montreal on 6,000 Calories a Day

The Other Dream Team

Letting Loose Inside the Olympic Village

The Hunt for Sublime Tequila

A Better Way to Track Tornadoes

Frank Lipman: Alternative Medicine Man

Biking’s Philosopher Crank

Life Advice from Michael Caine

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Badass

How Alec Baldwin Made His Own Rules & Won

On the Cover: Ryan Lochte’s Mellow Gold

Greetings From Williston, North Dakota by Stephen Rodrick

Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte

In This Issue: Aaron Sorkin Q&A

You Get Old by Pat Jordan

Jason Sudeikis on his Movies, Love Life, and Aimless Youth

The Tao of Boatbuilding

Faster, Faster, Kill, Kill

Nepal’s Aphrodisiac War