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Wild Boar: Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

Ahmet Ertegun, the Record Man

The Adventures of Alexander Megos, Teenage Climber

Turn Your Workout Upside Down

The Secret Summer Paddle

Essay: Why Men Love War

Steve Earle’s Recession Blues

Range Rover’s Undercover Reinvention

Larry Ellison’s Obsession

Ron Wolforth, the Pitcher Doctor

Life Advice from Mel Brooks

Longboarding’s Long Ride

Ride France’s Endless Wave

Mark Ruffalo's Good Life Formula

A Pilot's Son, Flying Solo by Stephen Rodrick

Return of the Stingray

The Navy SEALs Break Their Silence

Russell Banks: Old Goat or Old Fool?

Hike Solo in Utah's Canyon Country

Walk the Wilds of Zambia

Steal This Book

David Benioff’s True Lies

Hello, My Name Is Dwayne Johnson

Mike Leach, the Writing Coach

Mark Wahlberg Handles His Business

In the February Issue: Mark Wahlberg

Rich Rodriguez Sounds Off on College Football