Features news 2013 11

Mark Udall’s Toughest Climb

Fly-Fishing with Jim Harrison

The Trek of My Life

A Mysterious Death at the South Pole

Alexander Payne’s True Midwest

Last Chance to Save the Salmon

The Middle Man: a Q&A with Joe Scarborough

Ian McKellen’s Life Advice

The Self-Destructive Genius of John Goodman

Andy Enfield’s California Dream

Alex Gibney, the Take-Down Artist

Jimmy Graham, an NFL Star Takes Off

Nick Nolte's Life Advice

The New Science of Snowmaking

Jeremy Jones Rides Outside the Lines

Cofer Black, Out of the Shadows

The Wetsuit Revolution

Life Advice from Philip Levine

Waiting for the End of the World

Kingpin: Jon Roberts

Marc Forster, the Man Behind the New 007

Life Advice from Tim Robbins

Oliver Stone Talks W, Colombian Rebels, and Bar Brawls

Balaram Stack is a New (York) Surf Star

How the North Pole Was Lost

Leroy Petry, Real Action Hero

Brett Favre in Overtime

The Men Behind America’s National Parks

Is This Any Way to Fight a War?

The War's Invisible Wounded

Daniel Lieberman, Doctor Evolution

Tom Wolfe on ‘True Grit’ Author Charles Portis: ‘The Funniest Man I’ve Ever Met’

Viggo Mortensen: A History of Defiance

Charlie Trotter, Renowned Chicago Chef, Dead at 54

Tony Stewart Captures the NASCAR Championship

Tony Stewart’s Down and Dirty Paradise

The South’s Secret Adventure Town: Columbia, South Carolina

Book Review: Wil S. Hilton’s ‘Vanished’

Siege of the Polar Bears