The 10 Most Shredded Players in the 2017 College Football National Championship Game

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Alabama and Clemson are ready to battle again.

Both teams easily dispatched their opponents in the semifinal of the College Football Playoff—Clemson blanked Ohio State 31-0 in the Fiesta Bowl, while Alabama rolled over Washington 24-7 in the Peach Bowl—setting up a much-anticipated rematch of the 2016 national title game. ‘Bama won that thrilling game 45-40, and now the Tigers get the chance at some revenge.

The teams were each favored to make it back to the championship this season, mostly because each roster is stacked with talented—and absolutely shredded—football players. Whether it’s quarterbacks squatting massive weight, linemen bench pressing over 600 lbs, or cornerbacks hitting huge cleans, both Clemson and Alabama have players that dominate the weight room.

Here are the most jacked stars in the national title game and the workouts that got them there:

1. Jalen Hurts, Alabama

The quarterback is the first true freshman to start at the position for Alabama in three decades, and it’s easy to see why: The dude is ridiculously strong. Even though Hurts is only 18 years old, he squats 500 lbs, deadlifts over 550 lbs, and can easily bang out reps of 275 lbs on the bench press. Just watch:


2. DeShaun Watson, Clemson

The Heisman trophy finalist shows off his strength with a massive 315-lb lift:


3. Daron Payne, Alabama

The 6-2, 320-pound defensive tackle is a major force for Alabama, probably because he can hit huge lifts in the weight room. During spring practice, Payne has hit 500 lbs on the bench press, 365 lbs in the power clean, and 600 lbs in the squat.


4. Ryan Norton, Clemson

The beefy center goes for a massive 640-lb bench press for the Tigers:


5. Tony Brown, Alabama

The cornerback is one of the best athletes for the Crimson Tide—and one of the strongest. Brown cuts up his shredded body with some dumbbell workouts and shows off a 300 lb power-clean.

WarReady… 👻: justdoit_tb

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6. Tyrone Crowder, Clemson

This clip shows off Crowder’s strength from his freshman year with a near-600 lb squat. Imagine what he can do now.

Freshman OL Tyrone Crowder squatting 585 lbs during Power Hour! #TIGERSTRONG

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7. OJ Howard, Alabama

The 6′ 6″, 251-pound tight end is an athletic freak for the Crimson Tide, and he showed it against Clemson in the national title game last season, catching five passes for 208 yards and two touchdowns. It’s probably because he can crush massive weight in the gym:

It has begun! #RollTide #Roadto17

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8. Bo Scarbrough, Alabama

Alabama was so good last year that they didn’t even really need the 6’3″, 235-pound running back against Clemson. Expect him to get some major attention this time around. Here is a look at what Bo can do.

Yeah, Bo is pretty ripped:


Just compare Bo to a defensive end and look how big he is:


That’s why Bo can do this:


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9. Albert Huggins, Clemson

The defensive end shows off his strength before he made it to Clemson.


10. Ben Boulware, Clemson (and the rest of the team):

The linebacker and his teammates really love to crush their workouts. Here’s the evidence.


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Ever heard a Tiger roar? #ALLIN 🐅🐾 #Clemson

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You want the 🏆? You better work. #ALLIN 🐅🐾 #Clemson

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