The 13 Best ‘Beast Mode’ Moments From Marshawn Lynch’s NFL Career

Marshawn Lynch
Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

Beast Mode out (but now he’s back.) After countless memorable moments and some of the toughest runs anyone has ever seen, the Seattle Seahawks placed Marshawn Lynch on the retired/reserve list during the 2016 offseason, effectively ending his NFL career. Well, actually, about that: Lynch is back as a member the Oakland Raiders for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.



The star running back had previously announced that he was retiring with a Twitter post during Super Bowl 50—literally hanging up his cleats—but without official paperwork, many wondered if he’d have a change of heart. Even though he came out of retirement, Lynch had a hell of a career before that, putting up over 9,100 rushing yards and 74 touchdowns in his 10-year NFL run—six of which came with the Seahawks.

Lynch was the heart and soul of the Seahawks offense during his time with the team, becoming a fan favorite for his affinity for Skittles and for trucking over opponents with bruising runs.

Here’s a look at the 13 most badass, toughest, and coolest moments—commercials and interviews too!—from Lynch’s career, including some Raiders ones:

13. Lynch carries most of the Rams defense while scoring a TD in the Raiders’ 2018 season opener:

12. Watches Chiefs vs. Raiders from stands after being ejected, 2017

After being ejected from the Chiefs vs. Raiders game (seen below), in perfect Marshawn fashion, he watched the rest of the game from the stands.

11. Seahawks vs. Giants, 2010

This man will not be stopped. Lynch takes the ball at the 7-yard line and drags half the Giants defense with him into the endzone.

The Giants would get another long look at Lynch a few years later—he scored four touchdowns in a 2014 win against Big Blue, including one that left Zack Bowman (No. 31) afraid to make a tackle.

10. Seahawks vs. Raiders, 2014

Lynch takes the ball from inside the 10-yard line against the Oakland defense and simply refuses to go down.

“Beast Mode” chips future Hall of Fame player Charles Woodson in the process before getting into the endzone.

9. Seahawks vs. Eagles, 2011

This 15-yard run against the Eagles is the definition of maximum effort and never giving up on a play.

Lynch is enveloped by the Philly defense and basically disappears in a pile of players—then POW! Beast Mode re-appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and rumbles in for the touchdown.

8. “Boss Mode” for “Beast Mode,” 2014

Lynch has never been shy about his feelings regarding media interviews—he is NOT a fan—but at Super Bowl Media Day in 2014 he opened up a bit to Deion Sanders of the NFL Network.

Lynch answered a question about why he was thinking of skipping the event by saying: “I’m just ’bout that action, boss.”

7. Skittles Snack Time, 2015

Following a bruising 15-yard touchdown run against the Philadelphia Eagles, Lynch snacked on some Skittles—his favorite candy—on the sidelines to charge back up for the next series.

But that wasn’t the only time Lynch took a snack break—he also tasted the rainbow sweets ahead of the Super Bowl against the Broncos:

6. Fine Time at the Super Bowl, 2014

Lynch gave Super Bowl Media Day some entertainment with his responses to questions before taking on the Denver Broncos. Lynch’s now-famous line “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”—which was trademarked and later put on shirts was echoed time and time again as the running back was peppered with questions.

5. Lynch Gets Detention, 2015

Lynch is usually guarded in his media appearances, but when it comes to commercials, it’s all “Beast Mode,” all the time. Lynch’s commercial promoting Xbox and Madden is one of his best—and it features a raccoon named “Jericho” too.

4. Marshawn takes a ride around Europe, 2017

Okay, this is post-career, but it’s Lynch riding a bike and giving out Skittles in Scotland—how could it not be on the list?

3. Seahawks vs. Texans, 2013

Lynch takes the ball from the Seattle 2-yard line, storms through the first set of Texans defenders, and finds some open space for a major gain. Lynch stiff arms, hops and jukes all the way to the Houston 45-yard line on the other side of the field.

2. Seahawks vs. Cardinals, 2014

This might as well be “Beast Quake Part II.” Lynch takes the ball against the Arizona Cardinals and goes HAM, shoving All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson off him, running in for the 79-yard touchdown—the longest of Lynch’s career.

1. Seahawks vs. Saints, 2011

Watch out for the “Beast Quake.” Lynch takes the rock for a now-legendary 67-yard touchdown—literally barrelling through the New Orleans Saints defense for the score in the NFC Wild Card game.

This play has gone down as one of the most legendary in NFL history.