15 Binge-Worthy Podcast Episodes for Skiers

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Whether you a have long commute, want to utilize your time alone on the skinner, or have recently found yourself with a surplus of free time, we’ve selected our favorite five episodes each from The Powell Movement, Long Underwear Podcast, and Out of Bounds podcast to keep you entertained.

This is just a start, however. We invite you to tune in and listen as long as you’d like.

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Hosted by ski industry veteran Mike Powell, The Powell Movement is a weekly action sports industry podcast that interviews athletes from the world of ski, snowboard, bike, skate, and base along with industry insiders and musicians. Here are our favorite ski-centric episodes from the show.

Listen to Ep. 52 with Alex Schlopy:
Going into the 2014 Olympic Games, Alex Schlopy said he’d rather be dead than not make the Olympic team. When it missed the cut by a slim margin, he turned to crack and heroin to dull his pain. After being arrested and attempting suicide, he’s found healthier footing and has a chance to regain all that he thought he threw away.

Listen to Ep. 55 with Torin Yater Wallace:
Torin Yater-Wallace had to overcome growing up with a dad in prison, moving countess times as a kid, injuries, and a sickness that paralyzed him for 10 days. Through it all, his dreams revolved around becoming a professional skier.

Listen to Ep. 89 with Angel Collinson:
Angel Collinson grew up in Snowbird employee housing, where she honed her race skills enough to barely not make the US Ski Team. With racing in the rearview, college and big mountain skiing competitions took over. Skiing won. But her story is not quite what you expect.

Listen to Ep. 100 with Tanner Hall:
Arguably the best skier of all time, Tanner Hall has continued to re-invent his game for over 20 years. It’s not always pretty and his emotions get the best of him sometimes, but Hall’s story is one that everyone should hear.

Listen to Ep. 159 with Phil Casabon:
Phil Casabon is known for his style on skis and there aren’t too many in the world today that make skiing look as good as this two-time X Games gold medalist. On this episode, he talks about his counterpart Henrik Harlaut, Wu-Tang, plants, fungus, and a lot about style.

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Long Underwear Podcast aims to strip off the layers and get to know the skiers and snowboarders underneath the Gore-Tex. Hosted by professional skier Amie Engerbretson, there’s only one rule: after introductions, there are no more mentions of skiing and snowboarding allowed.

Listen to Ep. 5 with Dash Longe:
Once the no s-word rule is enforced, Dash Longe explains some of the bizarre phenomena associated with being an identical twin and zeros in on what he would do if he ruled the world for one day. When he shares what he’d want his superpower to be, you can can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from sea turtles and ocean creatures.

Listen to Ep. 2:3 with Sam Smoothy:
Arguably the most hilarious episode from Long Underwear Podcast, Sam Smoothy has done back-to-back winters by swapping hemispheres for nearly 15 years. Smoothy shares his different culinary experiences through living in Europe and the United States—and we learn a new term: “cheese dreams,” which according to Smoothy are quite visceral.

Listen to Michelle Parker:
Michelle Parker calls Squaw Valley her home mountain and currently resides in Lake Tahoe. Since she was 15, she has competed in major events including the X-games, U.S. Freeskiing Open and the Red Bull Cold Rush and she began taking podiums in slopestyle as early as 2006. Michelle shares how her injuries have been opportunities to learn new instruments or renovate her house, plus her passion for mountain biking and big wall climbing.

Listen to Ep. 8 with Jessie Diggins:
Olympic gold medalist and cross-country superstar talks about struggling with body images, finding time for family, being brave, memories from ballet, and that time she felt like Jack from the “Titanic.” Diggins describes some of the struggles she’s faced personally and encourages others to broaden the conversation around body image from just teenage girls to include people from every age, gender and walk of life.

Listen to Ep. 3:5 with Glen Plake:
This episode dives into life off the grid, finding treasures in other peoples’ trash, debunking mohawk myths, and how something as simple being nice can make the world a better place. Though Plake is known for his time as a pro skier, he has a love for cars, trucks and anything with a motor. He splits his time between his homes in Tahoe and Chamonix and explains the difference as life in Reno is spent enjoying things below 6,000 ft. like boating, dirt biking, racing cars, jeeps, etc. and life in Chamonix is spent above 6,000 ft. mountaineering and bike riding.

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Out of Bounds is a weekly outdoor sports podcast series hosted by Adam Jaber who has worked in the ski and bike industry for 10-plus years. Supplemented by a mix of entertaining commentary and knowledge, Adam is joined by athletes, workers, CEOs, and others to talk all things outdoor sports.

Listen to Ep. 73 with Katie Burrell:
Katie Burrell is a comedian, skier, marketer, and overall awesome human being. She is the is the director and star of “Dream Job,” the comedy documentary by indie filmmaker Colleen Gentemann. It’s unlike anything else in ski media—and you can watch it right here before you listen to this episode of the podcast.

Listen to Ep. 60 with Chris Davenport:
Chris Davenport has done it all from ski racing, to guiding Everest ascents, to skiing some of the steepest and most iconic lines in the world—some of which you’ll find in his book, “50 Classic Ski Descents,” which has inspired Cody Townsend’s latest project.

Listen to Ep. 63 with David Amirault:
This is a good one. Remember Snowbird’s award-winning one-star advertising campaign? That came from the mind of “Digi Dave” who was, at the time, the resort’s marketing director. Amirault’s career in the ski industry has also taken him to Sunday River, Aspen, and beyond. Want to be entertained? Follow him on twitter at @ozskier.

Listen to Ep. 74 with Marty Schaffer:
Marty Schaffer has spent his entire life in the mountains, guiding clients and looking at each day as better than the last. We like to refer to him as the “Perpetually Stoked Ski Guide.” This episode dives into his company, Capow Guiding, as well as Blanket Glacier, pow days, and keeping fun, well, fun.

Listen to Ep. 79 with Andrew Drummond:
Andrew Drummond started his touring shop Ski the Whites in Jackson, New Hampshire, to sell a collection of backcountry gear that no other local shops were carrying. He also supplies visual content and web support for a 12-person board of environmental activists, scientists, and skiers who are making illegal glade cutting more legit in the eastern part of the US.

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