15 Times Le’Veon Bell Proved He’s the Most Shredded Running Back in the NFL

15 Times Le’Veon Bell Proved He’s the Most Shredded Running Back in the NFL

Le’Veon Bell is a beast.

In just a few short years of his pro career, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back has established himself as the most dominant player in the league at his position. Able to marshal a rare combination of explosive speed and eerie patience at the line of scrimmage, Bell is virtually unmatched by any of his peers—and that’s why he keeps setting NFL and team records every time he gets on the field.

After putting up 170 rushing yards against the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the 2017 NFL playoffs and 167 rushing yards against the Miami Dolphins in the wild card round, Bell set the record for the most rushing yards of any player in NFL history through his first two postseason games. Those performances followed a wildly productive 2016 season that saw Bell average 157 total yards per game, the most of anyone in the league.

The 6’1”, 225-pound battering ram is an unstoppable force on the football field, probably because he’s constantly in the weight room and training to keep his body in top shape. During the summer of 2015, Bell got his body fat down to an inhuman 2.9%—and though he later missed time that season with a knee injury, it didn’t stop Bell from coming back healthy to help lead the Steelers to the playoffs the next season.

Like his super-strong teammate James Harrison—who crushes massive weight in the gym at the age of 38—Bell likes showing off his workouts and his muscular physique on social media.

Update: Well, it looks like Bell decided to scrub his Instagram. But the captions don’t lie—he gets at it in the gym.

Here are Bell’s 15 most shredded workout from Instagram:

15. Bell lines up on the bench press for an explosive set of lifts:



14. Coming back from a serious knee injury doesn’t stop Bell—the Steelers star pulls the weighted sled between agility drills:



13. Bell works on his strength and acceleration while pulling the sled:



12. Bell works on balance and strengthening his knee with squats:



11. Bell is strong, agile, and quick on the field:



10. Did we mention that Bell is shredded? Take a look at his rock-hard eight-pack:



9. Bell works on his explosion off the line with running drills and more sled pulls:



8. Check out his massive pecs and delts:



7. Bell has some of the best juke moves in the NFL. This is how he gets them:



6. Bell shows off his muscular physique—huge biceps, rock-hard eight-pack, and bulging pecs:



5. Different sport, doesn’t matter. Bell gets some major elevation on the dunk:



4. Bell shows off his shredded triceps and shoulders as he gets ready to hit a sled workout:



3. Bell shows off his “sled marching” workout, blasting his glutes and quads:



2. Bell pulls out some dumbbells for a workout:



1. Bell shows off how he gets his lift on with some box squats and rack pulls:



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