2011 NFL Draft Series: Julio Jones


It must be nice to be Julio Jones. Unable to participate in the full range of tests at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute this week, Jones claimed that he felt fat after getting his body comp tested in the Bod Pod. He measured in at 6% body fat, which may be an all-time low for any MF reader, but Jones thinks he has room to improve. Who are we to argue? He was the best player in the country coming out of high school, and he’s projected to be the first or second receiver taken in the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft. We grabbed him for a few minutes so he could tell us what it’s like to go through the craziest job interview of his life. Since teams can’t contact you until the NFL’s labor situation is resolved, what are you going to do after the draft? My plan is to go back to Tuscaloosa and train with Coach Cochran (The Alabama Crimson Tide Strength Coach). I know you’ve been in and out of airports. What do you eat when you’re traveling? I don’t know how I didn’t blow up. I’m just trying to eat healthy, looking for the healthiest thing on every menu. As far as the airport, I try not to go to the fast food places like McDonalds. I try to go to a sit-down restaurant—someplace where I can get some grilled chicken and a salad. How has the Alabama program prepared you for the pros? Just having Coach Saban with that NFL coach background helped me a whole lot. He shared that mentality with us, and he has experience with what people are looking for at the next level. And he coached us like an NFL team. We practiced and ran around full speed. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given throughout this process? As far as going to a new state, just surround yourself with the right people. There’s nothing free in life, and when people offer you something they’re looking for something in return. What were your numbers like today? I was limited, and I was a little fat today, man. I had 6% body fat, 221 lbs. I had a great nutritionist, Amy Bragg at Alabama, and when I went out to API in Phoenix, AZ they helped me out a lot with nutrition. When I was first tested in February, I learned about the importance of putting Gatorade in my body before, during, and after workouts. There’s a lot of ‘Bama guys coming out this year. How have you all helped each other? Oh man, we run into each other at the airport. Just talking to them, asking them how the whole process has been, it’s been great. We’re not worn down or nothing. This is a once in a life opportunity, and we’re just trying to take full advantage of that. Does it help you to have guys you know and played with going through the process at the same time you are? Most definitely. AJ Green and I get compared a lot. We train together and actually became good friends. I’ve run into him on my visits. Where are you going to watch the draft? I’ll be in NYC. I’m going to shake the Commissioner’s hand.


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