5 World Cup Ads You Shouldn’t Miss

World Cup Ads

There’s still a reason to watch the World Cup, even if United States team sent packing. Sports fans—not just soccer fans—all over the world are still paying attention. So it’s the perfect time for brands to strike with their most creative work. Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s, and Beats by Dre, among others, have reached millions of people with ads set to tell the World Cup story. Some are funny, others are inspiring. But for the last few weeks, these advertisements are clear evidence that this is the world’s Super Bowl. 

McDonald’s – GOL!

This is like the World Cup version of the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan. There are genius trick shots everywhere, including a woman in heels, an old man on the beach, and a young boy kicking just about anything into a basket. It may be the best World Cup ad of all. 

Adidas – House Match

It starts with soccer legends David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane playing Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura in a video game. Beckham says what many guys losing a sports video game would say: “Wanna play for real?” The result is what usually happens when you play with a ball in the house. Shattered glass.

Nike – Winner Stays

Remember the days when you and your buddies would pretend to be your favorite players and engage in an epic contest that would rival any championship final? Nike nails it with this ad featuring Cristano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, Ziatan Ibrahimović, Gerard Piqué, Gonzalo Higuain, Mario Götze, Eden Hazard, Thiago Silva, Andrea Pirio, David Luiz, Andrés Iniesia, Thibaut Courtois, and American goalkeeper Tim Howard.

Adidas – The Dream: All in or Nothing

Here, Adidas pulls you in by giving you the feeling of sleeping, or trying to sleep, the night before a big game. What can go wrong? What will go wrong? Or is this the day you find your greatness? This, all set to a edgy soundtrack by Kanye West.

Nike – The Last Game

In this 7-minute ad, Nike wants you to image a world where all of soccer plays it safe. Science and clones want a perfect, risk-free environment. But fans want flash, right? We want excitement. The result is a showdown in “The Last Game.”

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