The 6 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials so Far

Funniest super bowl commercials rotator

Now that the Xs and Os, Richard Sherman’s antics, and Peyton Manning’s curious line-of-scrimmage language have all officially been discussed and debated to death, it’s time to turn our attention to the real reason everyone watches the Super Bowl: the ads.

Thanks to savvy advertisers and the evolving influence of social media, we’ve already seen bits and pieces—and in some cases entire commercials—of several funny spots set to debut during Sunday’s broadcast. Our verdict? It looks promising. Here are some of the commercials (and teases) that we’re looking forward to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday.

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1. Stephen Colbert and Wonderful Pistachios

When I think pistachios, naturally, I think Stephen Colbert. Both are nutty, best taken with a grain of salt, and, I guess, grown from the ground in an arid desert. Pistachios aren’t just good for you; they’re not just yummy. Now, they’re your patriotic duty.


2. Terry Crews, a band of muppets, and a Highlander

It’s hard to stress enough: Terry Crews is awesome. And when he finds a Sgt. Pepper’s worth of “singing vegetables” stuck on a highway, he’s the kind of guy to help out, LSD-induced dream or not. Didn’t get much in the way of technical info for the Toyota Highlander, but, whatever, I’m probably on acid.


3. Draft Day (the movie)

I literally thought this was an ad for the day of the draft at first (“Kevin Costner’s going to the NFL draft?”). Alas, no, it’s a movie about the draft that comes out right before the draft, where Kevin Costner plays the luckless GM of the Cleveland Browns. And you thought your job was thankless.


4. Anna Kendrick’s Non-Commercial

Some brands can’t break the bank to get into the S**** B***. Wait. We can’t say S**** B***? Yikes. Anyway, Anna Kendrick mused in a makeup chair about how she doesn’t think she’s “beer commercial-hot” and then got visibly pissed that Newcastle backed out of their S**** B*** contract with her. S**** B***, S**** B***, S**** B***. A deliciously meta commercial/not-commercial. And yes, Anna, you are beer commercial-hot.


5. Puppies ‘n’ Beer

Super Bowl beer commercials, in particular Budweiser, have always had a special relationship with animals in their ads—but beginning with last year’s Clydesdale ad set to Fleetwood Mac, there’s been less flatulence and more heartstrings. Chances are you’ve seen this year’s, as it’s racked up 23 million-plus hits on YouTube. I’m not sure what animal friendships have to do with beer, but it’s working. These commercials just make me want to drink.


6. What Tebow can do with #NoContract

Who says Tim Tebow can’t do it all? The quarterback with no NFL contract teamed with T-Mobile to launch two hilarious Super Bowl commericals where the new ESPN analyst does everything from tackling Big Foot and delivering babies to saving puppies and bull-riding. Yes Tebow can do everything. But about that quarterbacking thing…


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